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News roundup: Derrick Jones traded, Union and Steel play this weekend and deadline day transfers

Photo Credit: Rob Simmons


Derrick Jones has been traded to Nashville SC for $175,000 in general allocation money.

The lowdown on Toronto FC before the match in Toronto on Saturday. Kickoff is at 3pm.

The numbers don’t lie. Here are the home numbers that have put the Union on the top of the eastern conference.


And here’s the lowdown on Atlanta United 2 before the Steel return to Talen Energy Stadium on Sunday. Kickoff is at 6pm.

Burke wants clean sheets heading into Sunday’s match.


Reading United kicked off the US Open Cup with a 2-1 victory Philadelphia Lone Star.

It was announced yesterday that the Eastern Pennsylvania Presidents Cup and State Cup (U12-U17) finals will be held on Saturday, May 18 at United Sports in Downingtown. Full schedule available here.


The top five moves from the final week of the MLS deadline-day moves and their influence.

The New England Revolution have parted ways with head coach Brad Friedel.

But here are ten coaches who could be the perfect fit for an MLS vacancy (like New England’s).

Caleb Porter’s rally cry for the Columbus Crew.


The roller coaster that is England’s Champions League finalists.

The soccer writers couldn’t have made it any more exciting with Man City, Liverpool and Tottenham’s three remarkable nights this past week.

Griezmann, Lacazette and Richarlison’s names top Barcelona’s list of attacking transfers in the summer.


  1. John O'Donnell Jr says:

    Bottom three teams in the standing have fired their coach 10 to 12 games into the season. Both New York coaches have also been mentioned to be on the hot seat as well. Other teams are making moves to round out their rosters or gaining assets for the future. No pressure in MLS I’m told. Hmm

    • the Cincy one is a front office that is ill-prepared for MLS. backing the coach emphatically, to denying that, to moving on. Happy for Casey to get valuable experience in Colorado, even if it’s temporary. Revs, NYCFC and pink cows: LOL

  2. Andy Muenz says:

    What’s more impressive than only allowing 2 goals during the 5 game home winning streak is how those 2 goals were scored. One was directly off of a free kick while the other was while the Union were a man short on a very temporary basis due to an injury. If Ilsinho had been ready about 10 seconds earlier, he could have come on at the throw in that started the play that led to the goal or if Aaronson’s injury hadn’t been game ending, he would have been waved back on and might have been able to get into position sooner. In either case, neither goal was during the run of play at even strength.

  3. OneManWolfpack says:

    Philadelphia Union = coach killer…First Cincy, then NE. HA!

  4. Fun article about how to get to the Europa Cup final in Baku:

  5. life under Stewart: frustrating, closed
    life under Tanner: exciting, open

    if there is any one thing that keeps my interest it’s the refreshing change Tanner has brought to the Front Office.

    • John P. O'Donnell Jr. says:

      On the latest Extratime, Bobby Warshaw echoed this point. He basically said how important the GM is for the franchise. I thank Ernie Stewart for making the team more professional but Ernst has just seemed to figure out the direction of the team, how to interact with the fans and the mechanisms of funny money in MLS.
      Although Jay Sugarman doesn’t get any love around here, I believe he should get credit for moving on from Sak, to Ernie and maybe a huge upgrade with Ernst. Not terrible for someone who had little knowledge of soccer and pro sports. At least he’s learning it seems from his mistakes and let’s the guy in charge run the team. If they can get the project around the stadium started, he might get a just a little more respect from me.

      • +1 ET’s success to date has been built on the foundation that ES built by cleaning out the soap opera Sak had implemented in the front office and helping make sure the cupboard was stocked down at the academy. That being said, ET has definitely been an upgrade over ES so far.

  6. Great One says:

    Interesting that Trusty consistently gets the minutes but Mackenzie gets the U20 call up.

    • pragmatist says:

      Part of that has been that McKenzie has been hurt for a lot of the season. I think he just got back to health maybe 2 weeks ago. I get the point, but it hasn’t happened in a vacuum.

    • If I’m remembering correctly Trusty isn’t eligible for U20 this cycle.

      • Union fan says:

        Yes, Trusty played in the last U-20s I believe. Mostly off the bench and mostly at left back if I remember right.

      • Great One says:

        I didn’t realize he had aged out, good call

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