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Help wanted at PSP

Ever wondered what it was like to watch an MLS match from the press box?

Ever wanted to shoot photos of a professional game from the sideline?

Got smart opinions or analysis to share?

Want to help?

The Philly Soccer Page needs volunteer writers and editors.

If you’re interested, please email dwalsh@phillysoccerpage.com and pandrews@phillysoccerpage.com. Please send 1-3 writing/photography samples, tell us about your soccer and writing/photography backgrounds, and let us know what interests you at PSP. As PSP is run fully by volunteers, we demand only as much time of you as you have to give.

PSP is a volunteer publication, of course, but we strive to put out high-quality, professional work. Many of our writers and photographers have gone on to exciting new experiences as a result of their time at PSP. (One of our alums is now employed by the Union and is one of the best writers in American soccer today.)

Here are some of the topics we know we want covered, but there is plenty more than this. Basically, if it’s soccer and linked to the Philadelphia media market — which stretches from Delaware and Cape May on north to Trenton and the Poconos and west to Harrisburg — then we’re interested. And just because you start with us writing about one thing, it doesn’t mean you’ll always do that. All our top Union writers started off writing about other things.

Here’s what we need.

  • Editors / copy-editors

Each weekday morning, we have someone read each post before it goes live, edit and proofread it, and then schedule it to go live. (Much of this can be done the night before when our writers file their pieces early enough.) We’re looking for volunteers to take on this task for 1-2 mornings per week. This can be done in 30-60 minutes each day. Prior editing experience in some capacity preferred, but not required.

  • Columnists / analysts

We’d like to add a few columnists to write weekly or biweekly columns about MLS, Philadelphia Union, Bethlehem Steel FC, and other soccer topics tied to the Philadelphia region. By “column,” we mean pieces that are commentary, analysis, and/or opinion. This can include writing our regular post-match analysis feature that runs after every Union match. Columns run about 500-800 words. We’re looking for smart, independent writing. One post per week on average.

  • Writers

We’re looking for writers interested in joining our general rotation of writers. This could entail covering Philadelphia Union, Bethlehem Steel, Reading United, Ocean City Nor’easters and other local soccer clubs and events. It also means handling other regular features, such as Player of the Week and local, grassroots soccer coverage. If this seems daunting, don’t worry. We have been at this for years and can train you so that, by the time you do your first home game alone, you’ve already taken a few test runs alongside one of our veteran writers. (Generally, we start writers on the Steel beat and mix in Union opportunities once they have some experience.) Our team of Union writers is mostly full now, but we there’s usually room for talent to break through. For example, one writer joined us in 2017 and picked up all the small stuff we needed as a utility guy. By 2018, he had broken through as one of our regular Union writers, covering the club at home games, news conferences, etc. One post per week on average.

  • Photographers

PSP seeks a photographer to shoot photos at Bethlehem Steel FC home games and line up as a backup photographer for Philadelphia Union matches. Photographers shoot from the sidelines and have up close access to the matches. This person would logically line up as the first potential replacement on Union games should one of our three lead photographers step aside. Also, this person would potentially be in line to shoot U.S. national team games that take place in the Philadelphia area.

  • Social media

PSP is also looking for one or two people who can help us with daily posting on Facebook and Twitter. This can be in addition to taking on any of the roles described above, i.e. you can be both a writer and help out on social media.

  • Other

Got an idea that you’d like to see added to PSP? Pitch us! (That’s where, for example, the SEBA feature that ran for several years on the site came from.) If it’s soccer-related and Philly-related, we’d love to hear what you have in mind.

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