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News roundup: Sky Blue GM gone, USWNT and AWOL bonuses, Hope Solo movie, more

Photo: Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union

New episode up of It’s Always Soccer in Philadelphia with Adam Cann.

In anticipation of this weekend’s match against the LA Galaxy, the Union website posted Know Your Enemy.

Bethlehem Steel’s Ben Ofeimu earned USL Championship Team of the Week honors.

Over at The Athletic, an article on Kai Wagner.


Drexel men’s soccer program added Shane Rineer to its coaching staff. He’s an Eastern University alum and spent seven years with Haverford College.

Penn men’s soccer program unveiled its eight-player recruiting class.


D.C. and Montreal played a 0-0 draw in a game so boring it just might cure insomnia.

With three goals so far, a Chicago fan thinks C.J. Sapong is the Fire’s best signing this year.

The Sacramento City Council unanimously approved a privately financed $252 million soccer stadium in the downtown.

Inter Miami likely won’t begin playing at Miami Freedom Park until the 2022 season, but that didn’t stop them from posting a teaser video.

Will stable rosters and lineups become fashionable in MLS?

Explaining Minnesota United’s “Loons” nickname.


Tony Novo is out as Sky Blue’s general manager, but word on the street is he was fired.

U.S. Soccer

The USWNT negotiated higher performance bonuses into their contracts in 2017, but collecting the money is not always in their control.

Soccer America‘s Women’s World Cup power rankings has Germany, France, and the U.S. in the top three slots.

They’re making a movie about Hope Solo.

Around the globe

Why do Everton and Liverpool have the lowest attendance rates in the Women’s Super League?

England’s women’s team beat Spain, 2-1.

An Italian player retired by staging a fake helicopter kidnapping.

Highlight of the day

Yep, this is former Hull City and Russia manager Leonid Slutsky:


  1. I’m glad CJ’s doing well in Chicago. Hope he nets 20 this season.

  2. OneManWolfpack says:

    That Slutsky video was well done.
    And contrary to Pete… I am infuriated by CJ scoring in Chicago. Come on man… I don’t wish him any ill will, but dude couldn’t find the net here ONE BIT last season and probably cost the Union a top 3 finish in the conference. (I realize it wasn’t just him but if he scores at least some what, the Union are a WAY better team.) And really CJ… the one you had last week was ridiculous… I never (or at least can’t remember) saw you take on like that and score while here. I also realize we get a few more Garber bucks if he does well, but whatever.

    • Ha. I get it. But, I don’t think CJ was managed well here. I don’t think he suited the system and he was never given a rest. I always thought he’d do better in a 2-striker system, and it looks like he’s getting paired with Nicolic. (Though I haven’t seen any fire games, don’t know where he’s lining up. Just know he’s got the #9 jersey.)

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        I do agree and like you and many others said – I think CJ would’ve been much better in a 2 striker system. Still… I am a Philadelphian and I will be bitter. Tis the way of the world! HA!

  3. a Hope Solo movie: certainly interesting subject of a biopic. i thought “do i need to see a Tonya Harding movie?” and it was well done; a nice balance of entertainment, truth, tone and performance. from what the Variety promo mentions, looks like some of the interesting conflicts could be scrubbed for a more favorable portrait.

    is Tim gonna whack Twitter dissenters? enable attendees to become brand stewards? plead “please be kind to us. our social media managers are real people with real feelings”? questions…

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