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News roundup: Aaronson v. Pomykal, US v. Australia, Accam for Ghana, KC in Monterrey, more

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

Folks are stoked for the Brendan Aaronson v. 19-year-old Dallas midfield string-puller Paxton Pomykal matchup on Saturday.

David Accam’s resurgence is catching eyes for Ghana’s national team ahead of AFCON, according to Ghanian sources. Accam has not featured for Ghana since summer 2017.

In the Union’s crowded midfield, either Aaronson, Jamiro Monteiro, or Haris Medunjanin won’t start.


Sporting Kansas City is the final MLS team in CONCACAF Champion’s League. They face Monterrey in Mexico tonight.

There’s been a lot made about the influx of young domestic attackers in MLS this year. Let’s check out their grades just a month or so in.

David Beckham and Inter Miami are now locked in a legal battle with Inter Milan over copyright infringement.

In worthy MLS expansion candidate news, check out Sacramento Republic FC’s very sexy stadium renderings.


Sky Blue FC continue to be a mess. NJ Governor and Sky Blue owner Phil Murphy demand equal gender pay in the workplace, while failing to give his players anything close to decent wages (or even working environment).

U.S. Soccer

Previewing the U.S. women versus Australia’s Mathildas in a friendly between two major World Cup contenders.


  1. Can I say that I get an icky feeling about this “Faith and Family” night this Sat…

    • John Osborn says:


    • Zizouisgod says:

      I’m not a fan of it, but you can’t please everyone.

      From my perspective, Dallas has never been a big draw when they play here and the game is going up against the Final Four. I’m sure that the Union came up with this idea to see if they can sell some more tickets to a tough game to sell and if it works, that’s a win.

    • Why? Ray Gaddis has been doing Faith & Family Night after one or two games for several seasons. This particular event has something prior, in a non-public area where attending is a choice.

    • Same here. Almost want to boycott the game…

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      I’m not a religion or god guy in any capacity, but I don’t care about the “Faith and Family” night thing. As long as it’s not shoved too much down my or other people’s throats, I don’t think most people would mind. That said, we’ll see if I am still saying this on Saturday night, around 10 pm

    • If Ray Gaddis can talk God into helping the Union out…. I’ll take the help from wherever we can get it. Keep pointing to the heavens Ray.

    • Dan Walsh says:

      After games, Ray Gaddis and Andre Blake kneel and pray together on the field:


      Faith and family matter to many of the Union’s players and fans.

    • Great One says:

      I don’t think faith is something to be shoved down people throats ever, but this comment is really distasteful. Many players believe their faith means a lot to them and I’m not sure it hurts offering to let the community be involved with it if they choose to themselves. I would think of it as any of the other theme nights, only less so because this addition is optional for people who wish to attend.

  2. Warshaw on Aaronson:

    He’s excellent at receiving the ball in traffic. The part that gets me the most excited (and also, for my money, the most distinguishable attribute that Americans lack compared to South Americans) – he feints before he receives the ball. As the pass is traveling to him, he drops a shoulder one way and manipulates the ball the other way. He unbalances defenders before he even gets a touch.

    YES. To me that was always the defining feature of Nogeuria. To me he was the best Union player at doing this.

    • I’m no Medunjanin apologist, especially this season. But you have to admit that he has some pretty shifty and subtle feints as well. He has at least two every game that makes defenders look foolish.

  3. My midfield Sat. is Fabian, Bedoya, Aaronson, Montiero. Give Medunjanin a break or two, please.

    Also, strange news afoot that the Fire is either considering or moving forward with a re-branding because, if Twitter is to be taken seriously, Chicago Fire is so successful a television show, it’s absolutely scuttled the team’s identity. I hope they don’t go faux PL with Chicago City or Chicagoham Hotspur. Sucks to lose an OG team ID that I actually have always felt is among the strongest club names in the US.

    • Yeah if we don’t sit Medunjanin for Montiero then I have no idea what Curtin is doing.

      Dalls is young, active team that is more than capable of passing around our midfield all game. It’s an awful fit for someone like Medunjanin but a great fit for a active, athletic defensive 6 like Montiero.

      That being said I am 95% sure we will still go with Medunjanin, because Curtin will think we can outplay them in the midfield. Well after Pomykal runs by Medunjanin for 2 goals Saturday, I’ll be happy to say I was right.

      • Yeah. Danger will be Curtin thinking he can get away with Medunjanin at home. It will be a mistake.

    • Zizouisgod says:

      He’s not gonna sit Medujanin after the last couple of matches, it’s just not gonna happen.

      It’s really Aaronson or Montiero for that last spot. I’m guessing that it will be Aaronson as he has been playing well and the onus is on Montiero to win his spot in the starting XI.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      I don’t like that they might be going to Chicago City FC or SC or whatever… it’s painfully generic and corny. Makes me appreciate the Union’s name more than ever. With that said though, they are apparently (this is not verified yet) also getting out of the suburbs, going to play in Soldier Field for a bit, and getting a new stadium in Chicago proper. Ahhh… one can only dream of having an owner who would do that for our club… minus the name change of course.

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