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Player of the Week: David Accam

Photo: Paul Rudderow

The David Accam that Philadelphia Union fans were waiting for has finally emerged.

Accam produced two more big moments Saturday, scoring one highlight reel goal and assisting on a Marco Fabian goal to lead the team to its second straight win.

After netting just one goal and one assist last season, Accam has created the Union’s last five goals, amounting to every Union goal over the last two games. To put that in perspective, the entire team has produced just two goals this season that Accam didn’t have a hand in.

Watch the skill on this goal from the Union’s 2-0 win over Cincinnati on Saturday.


Plays like that are why Accam is, for the second straight week, our Player of the Week.

What’s fascinating is that Accam did it while touching the ball just 25 times in 65 minutes on the field, or once every 2 minutes and 36 seconds. No other Union starter, other than goalkeeper Andre Blake, touched the ball less frequently.

This may be a good thing. It means Accam is taking advantage of every chance he gets. Over the last two games, he has created six chances via assist, key pass, or shot, and five became goals.

On the other hand, it may be a sign that this is a brief blip. That success rate is almost certainly unsustainable.

Regardless, this is the David Accam that produced in Chicago. He went hot and cold there too. You would have one month when he was unplayable, arguably the best attacker in the league. Then he would disappear.

The fact that the David Accam of old may be back is undoubtedly a good thing. If he has cold stretches, the hot streaks means he can still be the player he was in 2017 and before. On a Union roster with serious problems finishing, that’s valuable.

Honorable mention
  • Kai Wagner: Several members of the crack PSP voting board wanted to name Wagner as Union Player of the Month. He turned in another mistake-free performance against Cincinnati.
  • Faris and Michee Ngalina: The Bethlehem forward duo has been excellent, with each scoring against Pittsburgh this past weekend.


  1. I love that Accam has found his juju/mojo/gravitas again. It’s inspiring.
    The problem: When Accam gets cold, who will be there to step up to score the goals we will need?

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