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News roundup: Curtin is Coach of the Week, Union’s new formation working, April Fools pranks around the globe

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

Fresh off suspension, Marco Fabian was named to the MLS Team of the Week.

Jim Curtin showed tactical flexibility in the last two matches. He’s the MLS Coach of the Week.

Two for two! Two starts and two Goal of the Week nominations for David Accam. You can vote here.

Remember when people hated Phang? Admit it, you like him just a little bit now. If you still don’t, at least the players seem to enjoy him.

Saturday is Faith and Family Night at Talen. Events are detailed here.


Here’s a quick roundup of action around the league. Accam’s “Titi” nameplate is briefly explained. 

You’ve probably seen THAT Wayne Rooney goal. Yet it’s still not number 1 on the Top 10 plays. David Accam’s goal checks in at number 5.

MLS has changed quite a bit in a few years. Matt Doyle shows how the Union’s formation worked to perfection Saturday night.

The Union shook off their slow start. These five playoff teams from last season haven’t.

Wouldn’t be the Top Saves of the Week without an Andre Blake sighting.

April Fools Around the World

Wolfsburg gets a new logo.

Clearly not Photoshopped.

Imagine the Union wearing red against New York Red Bulls. Look away Dortmund and Bayern fans.

I wish this Watford kit wasn’t a prank. Better than the white MLS kits Adidas made.

Fulham makes Premier League history.

FC Dallas gets jiggy with it during training.

Inter Miami hasn’t kicked off yet, but round 1 goes to Orlando City.


  1. el Pachyderm says:

    Hard to argue the direction of this team. Keep up the positives. I’d still like to see some more Anthony Fontana and Derrick Jones. That said, Aaronson getting serious minutes on the field as well as the CB(s) shows Jim is definitely willing to play some of the youth.
    Very much looking forward to what Jamiro Montiero brings and how much he’s on the field and how the manager aims to balance his selections.
    I often thought to myself a while back, heavens the bench on that La Liga team, that League 1 team, that Premiere League team is so deep… shit, that’s Carlos Tevez, Pedro, Chicharito, etc etc etc — they are’t playing. Point being, depth and skill and quality is a good and proper problem to have.
    Congrats to Jim as well. I’ve been on the record in the past for two things. I hope he succeeds. I don’t think he will succeed. So far… he’s a ‘player’ unwilling to come off the field and that speaks to his resolve through some really bleak periods.

  2. The Truth says:

    Pozuelo’s goal and entire performance was better than Titi’s. It’s not even a contest. The 11+ million dollar man is going to have TFC supporter asking Gio who? all season long.
    edit: I like those Watford kits, I’m not ashamed to admit.

    • Chris Gibbons says:

      The Watford kits are amazing.

      • The socks and the shirts have to be in high contrast to those of the opponent and instantly recognizable as such.
        Ask any ref.

      • That kit is awesome. Tim, it is in high contrast to pretty much any other kit out there, and if a referee can’t see that, he probably shouldn’t be refereeing anyway. That mindset is why most soccer are monochromatic and boring these days.

  3. OneManWolfpack says:

    I mean Rooney took a great shot and all, but the goalie got plowed into and had no chance at even attempting a save. Still a most excellent strike. Just wanted to throw this out there.
    And for some reason I am really liking Watford and Wolves this season in the EPL. That Watford jersey makes me like them even more. Too bad it isn’t real

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