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News roundup: Union win, Steel lose, and Jamaica gets relegated

Photo credit: Ryan Griffith

Philadelphia Union

The Union earned their first win of the season, beating the Crew 3-0.

It was revealed during the post-game interview on Saturday that David Accam’s father passed away last week. Our condolences to his family.

Local, Columbus, national, and international coverage.

An interesting piece on the Union’s home-grown third keeper Matt Freese.

Bethlehem Steel FC hosted first-year USL team Memphis 901 FC, and the visitors scored early in the second half to take all three points back to Tennessee with them.


FC Cincinnati kept its fortunes turned around, beating New England 2-0.

Orlando City upset the New York Red Bulls to find the first win of their season.

A late goal lifted LAFC past RSL, 2-1.

And another late goal helped FC Dallas earn a first win of their own over the Colorado Rapids.

MLS viewership is down significantly from last year.

US Soccer

Derrick Jones started as the USMNT U23s lost to Egypt in the first round of 2020 Olympic qualifying, and was used as a substitute as the team drew against the Netherlands in the second round.

Ecuador was a good warmup for the senior MNT, but now they face stiffer opposition with Chile on Tuesday.


Andre Blake and Cory Burke started, and Bethlehem’s Jamoi Topey was on the bench, as Jamaica lost to El Salvador sending them to CONCACAF Nations League B.

Despite the result Jamaica still qualified for this summer’s Gold Cup, as did Warren Creavalle’s Guyana.

Almost fifty thousand people showed up to watch Tata Martino’s Mexico get their first win, beating Chile 3-1 in San Diego.

Different shirt, same Josef Martínez.


  1. el Pachyderm says:

    I called out the Delaware Valley last night and I’m doing it again this morning. 19 20 comments after a much needed win?
    It’s shit from the fans, losers et al and it’s unacceptable.
    I’m sure some will rationalize it…but it’s moot.
    Oh and the announced attendance of 15,000 …. was shit too. The fuck do you take us for? Do not speak with forked tongue you Snakes.

    • Was away for the weekend, couldn’t watch the match or comment. So I can’t address the crowd issue from a high horse. But I noticed on the highlights that the stadium looked half full at best.

      I feel that the location caters to suburbanites who care much more about a nice time out than the welfare of the team. They’re not going to brave a little cold or any other discomfort for a team that has consistently failed to produce for them. And that’s going to be the story, unless the team starts winning a lot. The Union, in my opinion, has not done enough to foster the sort of loyalty that will turn people up consistently. It’s definitely a problem.

      • Exactly my thoughts. The team is cheap, the coach is awful…the fans shouldn’t show up. This is called voting with your feet.

      • I comment not as PSP’s writer for Bethlehem, but as a founding member season ticket holder, Pete.
        With a twinkle in my eye and a smile on my face, I would ask were you there for the legendary driving monsoon against Seattle many years ago when the players had to run fast in order to stay warm enough to be able to move?
        I do not miss Union games because of weather, and there are plenty of others like me.

      • I was happily there on opening day two years ago (the Jay Simpson scores and punctures his lung memorial match) in what might have been the coldest I’ve ever been for 3 hours. And in rain a couple times, too. But most people aren’t willing to follow our lead, clearly.

    • I can’t remember but I think they announce sold tix not actual gate number. I’m pretty sure the gate was more like 12,000. Won’t comment on the lack of comments. But Momma always said” life is like a box of chocolates..”

    • I’ve always been unsure why they announce the attendance like that. It’s a blatant lie and I don’t know a single soul who brings up attendance figures when asked “how was the game?”
      Is it Sugarman’s way of explaining his ownership concept? Why care about the product if only a third of the paying customers even show up to judge?
      “Five thousand of you sorry saps came out to see this disaster but ten thousand others thought better of it. Thank you and enjoy!”

    • i did watch second half after out of town party. no DVR and ability to watch the match later (aside from recap) forced me to rush home. also, i commented.
      a few things:
      – i did U vs Crew last march and it was the worst match i’ve experienced in person.
      – no Fabian and Blake, to the semi-enthusiastic, would be a deal-breaker on viewers/attendees
      – their current form — up to this match — as Pete puts it, does not command loyalty
      – attendance will still slide. i truly believe we’re past the point of no return, as far as relevance in this town.

    • I rarely comment in game recaps because it’s usually too emotional commenting (in both directions) for me. But if you want more comments we need to have reasons for discussion. So here’s one:
      With limited rosters Jim Curtin completely out coached Porter (first place team going into the game) and has done a really good job transitioning the team this year. He totally switched up player locations this game based on the players available and completely demoralized the opposition.

      • A’s stated policy reflects my view often.
        Besides, at the Battle of Trafalgar, HMS Victory stoically endured French broadsides while sailing towards their line at 3 MPH. When Victory broke the line and achieved a stern raking position against the French Flagship Bucentare, one close range shot across the length of the French deck with a 68-lb carronade loaded with grapeshot took the French flag completely out of the fight.
        Be patient. Then be devastating once the moment is right. As El P so often is.

    • El P, you should change your handle to Al Michaels. Over precisely that issue, gate v sold tix, did the voice of the Big Red Machine live for the Giants.

    • Did someone forget about touting the Phillies approach to their season vs. the less than lack luster excitement for the Union? Just curious if early Alzheimer’s has set in, because you can’t honestly be baffled by the response from fans.

    • Wait, Joel…so I AM a loser for not always having the free time to post frivilous lyric-filled nonsense incessantly on message boards. Got it. Duly noted.

  2. Don’t worry, El P – I’m sure as soon as the player ratings are posted there will be at least 20 comments arguing over Haris’ score and how Jones would do better…

  3. Went to the match with low expectations but loved how the Union players aggressively stepped up to steal away passes from Columbus; this was how they scored the first 2 goals. Then loved how Accam became alive. Hope the rumor that he was injured most of last season is true and that he can become more consistent. With Picault on one wing, him on the other and Burke in the middle the Union could be a lot of fun this year! Personally I don’t mind an empty stadium: easy to get home, especially if you use Waze and it takes you around a terrible accident on I95.

  4. And then you have the news above that MLS game viewership is down 25 percent. Why is that? Is it that the broadcast competition is too good? (notice that the top match, Arsenal/United was also on network television, no doubt helping an already popular matchup between two of the top clubs in the world). Is the quality of MLS just that mediocre? Or is it just early season matches with little value?

    There really won’t be much to take away from MLS matches until well into the summer. Should give expansion advocates a bit of pause. While soccer has an endless talent pool that should resist any issues with thinning out the quality, there are only so many eyeballs. And European football is still easier to watch than MLS.

    • And international football too. There is only so many games people can watch. That said, MLS need to increase their marketing like 4000%. I mean I almost never see any ads about the game or anything. The league is still growing yet they advertise like an established league.

  5. i watched that LAFC vs RSL match. Portillo, 18 seconds from stepping on field, straight red card. the hype by the color analyst preceding his appearance was egg-on-face embarrassing.

    while we mention attendance in Chester: seems 150 people maybe at the Steel-Memphis match. i wouldn’t be shocked if less. literally no one (save the ball kids and security) on camera. you could hear the on-field mics picking up the passing cars on the bridge.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      Attendance at next week’s Steel game will probably be even lower since many people will likely stay home to watch the Union game on TV.

    • Brotherly Game reports attendance at the Steel-Memphis match was 433. That’s about right from eyeballing it from the press box and looking at the parking lot as I left.

    • There was a significant tactical adjustment. Bedoya and Medunjanin played much more as though they were an aggressive double pivot than as a bottom vertex on a diamond and a side vertex.
      Now, the Crew were missing their striker, and a major defensive center midfielder, but the team of Ale and Haris was much more effective than just Haris alone, and both were still effectively aggressive offensively.
      Remember how Tanner’s first words of change last fall were “tactical flexibility?” They showed it.

      • This fits with what I thought I saw – that the Union were, more or less, playing last year’s 4-2-3-1 most of the night rather than the “new” 4-4-2. They still pressed – and did so effectively – from the different shape. But in addition to Bedoya being a bit deeper, it looked to my eyes as though Accam was on the wing more than a “forward” most of the night – though there were moments where he and Picault smartly switched as needed.

  6. Didn’t get a chance to comment over the weekend. Much bette game from Haris. Some bad passes but also some thst totally opened things, and he actually played defense. Have to leave Accam in right Jim? I think Mbaizo deserves a chance to start. Nothing Fromm Ilsinho here to take him out of his super sub role, give Aaronson a shot there Saturday. Coronel looked solid for the little work needed. All in all a solid game.

  7. Enjoy reading all the comments on this forum. I like to add that it would be a lot better to let go some of the reputation the Union has. It has been mediocre at best, lets look to the future, i see glimpse of improvement, the personnel deserves a chance to prove their worth. Curtin is all to please the fans with a good use of his players availability. I’m positive and enjoy the possibility.

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