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News roundup: Press pass, Inter Lauderdale, US v Ecuador tonight, more

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

How the Union’s press changed the narrative in Atlanta.

Medford Messi has arrived.

Caleb Porter thinks the Crew will be fine versus Philadelphia without a slew of starters on national duty.

Jim Curtin earns top spot on an ominous list: Top 3 Managers Already on the Hot Seat.


Former Union favorite Jack McInerney is back on trial with Montreal Impact. You will recall that it was the Impact where Philly originally offloaded Jack Mac.

Inter Miami’s Ft. Lauderdale stadium plans take a step forward with an unanimous city council vote. Local commentary worth reading here. It seems the fans (especially those in, you know, Miami proper) are not as sanctimonious or favorable about the move.

Ale Moreno (one of my favorite MLS voices) goes off on ATL (video): “Not even a shadow of their former selves.


A look ahead at Week 3 in USL Championship.

Plenty of young USMNT U17 talent is earning playing time in USL.

A whole bunch of Reggae Boyz (including former Union striker Brian Brown) are netting goals in the league.

U.S. Soccer

Carli Lloyd is not super stoked to be a reserve on the USWNT’s 23-person roster.

This 1999 Today Show interview with the World Champs is a little… ick.

Previewing tonight’s USMNT friendly versus Ecuador on ESPN2. More here too.

Are Tyler Adams, Weston McKennie, and Christian Pulisic the first breakthroughs of the USMNT’s Golden Generation?

Youth and fresh tactics will be on display tonight.


As someone who has absolutely illegally streamed soccer matches, am I culpable in this? Premier League streamers sentenced to prison.


  1. John O'Donnell Jr says:

    I don’t think you are culpable as you didn’t try to make money on it like everyone who was sentenced. Of course that doesn’t mean you won’t be burning in Hell for watching it knowing you are committing a sin. Lol
    The Miami situation is interesting watching from afar as the speculation is running rampant on Twitter that the team is never moving to Miami now. I’m sure the politics of Miami had nothing to do with the team seeking a training site outside the city. After all it only took them less than a decade to get a site for a stadium. Just because the Mas group identified a site for a training facility and Fort Lauderdale worked with them in a timely way shouldn’t influence the group to move the base of the team out of Miami.
    For what it’s worth Sacramento is team number 28 starting in 2021. Hand shake agreement with Saint Louis for team 29 in 2022 and let the bidding begin for teams 30, 31 & 32. Teams with stadium plans in place and approved by the current politicians in place might now play a huge factor in getting a team. Example Nashville and Cincinnati.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Team 30, 31, and 32… it has to stop there right?

      • el Pachyderm says:

        As soon as it stops it’s money stops too.
        The league is an ouroboros…. using expansion fees to feed itself and the boys club of investors holding US Soccer hostage.
        yes yes, I know – the game is healthier than it’s ever been stateside and MLS proves it.
        If I could include the O-Kay emoticon I would.

      • I would like to believe we could have an MLS pro-rel system within that number eventually. Two, maybe three tiers.
        If USL keeps progressing like it did over the last two years, maybe eventually a tie in there too.
        Obviously years away (and at the end of my pipe dream).

    • Is there anything official about Sacramento being #28? I don’t recall seeing it, but I either could’ve missed it or I’m suffering from a memory lapse…

  2. union commentary- taylor twellman, ale moreno, jp dellacamara (who is not a personal fav but loved by fox sports???) tommy smyth. weve been pretty lucky.

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