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News roundup: Fabian says he’s innocent, USWNT kits unveiled and Zidane is back

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Fabian says that his step on Russell was unintentional, saying that he didn’t have a place to land.

Andre Blake started in his 100th game on Sunday.

Join Phang and Flyers’ Gostisbehere for Philly sports trivia to benefit PSPCA at Philly Punchline tonight at 7pm.

Union in the news.

Union next day news after Week 2.


Five reasons to be excited for the Steel’s home opener this Saturday.

The Union’s Kacper Przybylko, Matt Real and Matt Freese all shined in the Steel’s first match of the season on Sunday.


Bobby Warshaw’s 24 thoughts on the 24 teams after Week 2.

From ear flicks to twerking, here are the most bizarre yellow cards in the MLS.

LAFC co-owner, Will Ferrell discusses his specialized training in the club’s documentary series.


Nike unveiled the kit designs for 14 countries, including the USWNT for the Women’s World Cup. This year, the USWNT will be throwing it back to the 99ers.


Santiago Solari is out and Zinedine Zidane is back at Real Madrid.

Fifa is facing urgent calls to investigate Qatar’s World Cup bid claims.

A Birmingham supporter was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison after admitting to punching Aston Villa’s captain, Jack Grealish in the face on the field.


  1. John O'Donnell says:

    Looking at the Fabian red card and I find it hard to see how it was changed. The play was so bang bang that you could have given a card to Russell. My problem with it is the referee was looking straight at it and didn’t even give a yellow, in fact before the call he’s arguing with Kansas City players why no card is given. Then VAR is singled to look at it but I can’t see how the ref made the change to straight red. First it wasn’t clear and obvious. Second he plants his foot but quickly switched to his other to land. Hardly a stomp and if it was he didn’t get his money’s worth. That being said I don’t think you challenge it because if they change it to a yellow it’s still a red and not worth the the challenge.

    • It was obviously incidental and I have no idea how it can be seen as anything else.
      I say they need to challenge it. Even if its only reduced to a yellow and Fabian still misses the next match, it would be nice for the MLS and PRO to admit it was the wrong call. Put some accountability into the refereeing system.

    • I concur. We could argue to the end of time what Fabian’s intent was, but there’s not way it passes the “clear and obvious” test.

      I think VAR should only be used for when a ref misses something that is, again, “clear and obvious.” Textbook case: Zidane’s headbutt. It’s an obvious act where a player goes out of his way to take a swing or a kick at a player.

    • PRO will protect their refs as always. This has no shot of getting overturned as both the VAR official and Penso decided it was a red. I wish it would get overturned…no hope of that happening.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      The point about him staring right at it, is what really chaps my ass. He was right there. He saw the whole thing. What on video led him to infer intent and then issue the straight red? That’s just bad refereeing, plain and simple. He was on a yellow already. Penso had to know that. If he would have given him the second yellow, I guarantee no one would be that upset about it. He backed himself into a corner by using VAR and almost had to issue the straight red. He should’ve waived off VAR saying he was right there and made whatever call he made.

    • Fun thought experiment. What would have happened if Fabian had kept both legs up? Body slam onto Russell from 3-4 feet up. Would it look as ugly? Maybe not. More chance of Russell being injured? Maybe so. Fabian elbow into Russell’s ear from a great height and more howling that Fabian should have put his foot down to cushion his fall. I know someone has done a study about slow motion and perception of intent. If you review basically any random act in slow motion, most people will determine that there was clear intent in the act, whether there was or not.

  2. really moved by the Nike jersey unveil for all teams in France. also some solid kit designs in there. that USA vid for the homage to the ’99ers is good.

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