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News roundup: Bethlehem win, Jordan Morris is back, UCL round of 16

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union 

Derrick Jones, the oldest homegrown player on the roster, turned the ripe old age of 22 on Sunday.

Toronto FC showed character last Saturday against the Union in “pretty hostile environment”.

Marco Fabián is his tattoos, and his tattoos are Marco Fabián.

Bethlehem Steel

Bethlehem Steel finished pre-season, picking up a 3-1 win over New York Red Bulls II.

What is the USL Championship this season?


New York Red Bulls and Houston Dynamo both face Liga MX opposition tonight in the CONCACAF Champions League.

Returning from an ACL injury last year, Jordan Morris was named MLS Player of the Week.

The top 10 debuts around the MLS this weekend, featuring Marco Fabián as number two.

24 observations about 24 teams in Week 1.

U.S. Soccer

The USWNT looks to finish the SheBelieves Cup with a win against Brazil tonight after two draws.

Team Hamid or Team Guzan in this USMNT keeper battle?


Borussia Dortmund faces Tottenham Hotspur in leg two of the UCL, Eric Dier helps search for another Pulisic.

Can the young high-flying Dutchmen sink Real Madrid’s hopes of a fourth straight UCL title?

And here’s video proof of Neymar shooting hoops with his head, still better than my jump shot.



  1. I know there is probably no greater challenge than being a member of the Union social media team, but highlighting Fafa’s “chance” creation on a what ended up being a shocking miss is a really strange choice. I think it took more effort for Fafa to miss that shot than it would have been to simply deflect it into goal. If I were Picault, I’d have begged the team to never show that footage again.

    Come on Ajax!

    • Chris Gibbons says:

      Gotta focus on what’s working. It really was a solid play from corner to corner and then back across. In the end, well…

    • So can Adam Cann go from media guy to coach? Just saying he’s got a better idea about tactics than the current sideline cheerleader.

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        This is a legit good idea.

      • Just because you are good at tactics doesn’t mean you will be a good coach. That said, if the coaching staff isn’t AT LEAST using Adam to scout opponents and self scout they are fools.

  2. el Pachyderm says:

    A hockey team is founded in Philadelphia and finds immediate success. Goes on to become iconic and draw a hardcore fanbase – through thick and thin and moreover a preternatural inability over time to evolve with the changing game and see beyond its own shadow still draws a loyal and faithful 20,000 people game after game to its stadium. The Flyer Faithful.
    484 feet.
    One of his longest measured home runs last year —-as it landed in the upper deck of the Home Run Derby in Nationals Park. Let’s backtrack about 8 years to a story about this Paul Bunyan I read in Sports Illustrated when he was in high school in Las Vegas regularly belting the ball over 500 feet in the air as there was no upper deck in the stadium he played for the ball to land in. Coaches report the ball regularly left the stadium his senior year landing on the other side of the road across the street over there, a finger pointing into the distance. When interviewed for the story, and asked to define his swing, Bryce Harper called it “controlled violence.”
    Late March 2019. First weekend of MLB.
    The first Sunday Night Baseball game of the year is in Philadelphia this year. Paul Bunyan will step to the plate and hyberlobic story telling will begin anew in Philly as the ball is launched out of CBP over Xfinity and into the east facing end zone of Lincoln Financial Field. Mike Trout is already on speed dial.
    By mid April, 43,000 people will begin flocking to CBP and if things go according to John Middleton’s STUPID MONEY plan– the next 10-13 seasons for the Philadelphia Phillies which just happen to coincide with Jay Sugarman’s mid table business plan Philadelphia Union will cast a long long cool summer shadow over Chester.
    The announced attendance for this first fart of an MLS game was 14,000 people I believed which was quite generous. If Jim Curtin does not get this right. If Ernst Tanner has not gotten this right. Talen Energy Stadium might just get about 6,000 to 9,000 fans a game, if it is lucky–and that entire Union emblem used by me for the last three years to denote an already shriveling fanbase will be more and more and more visible… as the last 10 years and opportune time to build and convert casuals to the hardcore -through early success – was pissed away.
    Philadelphia Union needed to become the 21st century Philadelphia Flyers.
    Oh hey, look….”sun is shining, the weather is warm. to the rescue. here I am. and I want you to know… just…………….. where I stand.”

    • John O'Donnell Jr says:

      You left out three seasons of tanking while charging major league prices to attend an association basketball game in a half empty building. They told you to trust the process while firing the architect and yet bounced back to lead the association in attendance once again.
      Cycle cycle cycle spin spin spin

      “You fell down yesterday, stand up today”.

      You complete me ying, love yang.

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