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News roundup: see ya C.J., Revs owner in trouble, and the U20 WC Draw

Photo Credit: Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union

In a move to address the overcrowded attacking part of the roster, the Union sent C.J. Sapong to Chicago and got some MLS currency in return.

Two players with something to prove this season combined to give the Union one of their goals in the final preseason game, a 2-1 win against the USL Championship’s Ottawa Fury FC.


For once, Revs fans can be happy they aren’t the team everyone thinks of when they see this guy.

Hell is real, and apparently it’s in Ohio.

A possible explanation for why MLS teams are suddenly more competitive in CCL play.

In a move that … actually makes a lot of sense, the league has partnered with video game streaming powerhouse Twitch to expand coverage of eMLS competition.

Looks like someone is considering trying out the “DP foreign keeper” thing.

Read this before accusing the Loons of stealing Munich’s name.

US Soccer

The US will face Ukraine, Nigeria, and Qatar in the group stage of this spring’s U20 World Cup.

Get ready to have to explain to friends that Chuck Blazer is not some kind of Ron Burgundy/Ricky Bobby-esque satire.

Josh Sargent got his first senior team start on Saturday in Werder Bremen’s 1-1 draw against VfB Stuttgart.

Ethan Horvath is pretty good at this goalkeeping thing.


Anyone else surprised to learn that Ronaldo has a positive effect on locker room morale?

Meanwhile, in Stamford Bridge …


  1. I hope Chelsea’s issues get solved before Pulisic arrives next season, but I doubt it.

    • They’ll fire Sarri, hire Zidane, and since they are on a transfer ban, they will have no choice but to start Pulisic and play him all the time. Especially when they lose Hazard this summer.
      CP will be part of a new generation of Chelsea players. And if Madrid can lure Poch away from Spurs, it will open a spot again in the top 4.
      I have a feeling that Chelsea won’t be out of the conversations for very long.
      And I’m a Spurs fan, so everything I just wrote hurts my soul…(well, except seeing CP get a ton of minutes in the PL.)

    • I’m practically expecting to see a Sarri sacked headline some time today. I can’t imagine he’s with the club next season. It’s really not been a match. And the fans seem to absolutely detest the guy.

      I’m curious who’ll take Puel’s place at Leicester. It was really tough luck for Puel. Leicester have played well and still lost. Watched them go down to Palace on Saturday…. Was a remarkable match. Leicester was so good in possession only to have Palace put 4 past them. Was not a good look. Papers favor two former Liverpool bosses — Rodgers and Benitez.

    • I honestly think it’s a best-case scenario for Pulisic. EITHER he is part of a resurgent Chelsea, coming back from the brink of … sixth place to return to their proper position in … fourth place.

      OR he’ll be a bright light in the continuing chaos and get fire sold somewhere “better”. Win-win really.

  2. Man that Chelsea situation is unbelievable. Such a big and successful club going in to hole… I hope Pulisic isn’t sucked down with them.
    Nice to see Almiron really play well in his first start. It may lead to more legitimacy and signings from MLS, which as a selling team may help the U.
    Sad to see CJ the person go, hard worker and really nice guy who always gave his all. As a business and play decision though, excellent move. Tons of money back, plus it removes that itch Curtin has to play CJ always. My biggest question going into the year still, how will Curtin pick his squad for each game on thst games specific merit, and how will he manage in game? Those 2 things will be what makes or breaks this year.

  3. Getting CJ off the books (and actually getting a decent amount of money) is a huge deal. He was at best the 5 best forward on this team (Burke and Fafa are clearly better, Santos we assume will be better, and Accam has a higher ceiling). Plus he’s old and relatively expensive. Hopefully we can use this extra money/cap space to bring in a legit upgrade at some position, although it will probably be in the summer.

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