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News roundup: Union win, MLS talks Black History Month and welcome Nashville SC!

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Union


The Union beat DC United, 2-1 in their second-to-last match before the regular season starts. Replay the entire match here.

Marco Fabian scored his first goal for the Union on Wednesday and he’s hungry for more wins.

Here’s how acquiring the hungry Mexican soccer star has already helped the Union.

Curtin discussed tactics and position battles before the preseason match against DC.

Union MLS is Back Week kicks off on Monday with an event every day. #PhillyLovesSoccer


The Covanta incinerator, right by Talen Energy Stadium has been burning recycling materials every day for the last year since China’s import ban, and it could cause a rise in pollution and major health problems.


Concacaf Champions League match results:

  • Atlético Pantoja 0-2 NYRB
  • Sporting KC 3-0 Toluca
  • Atlanta 1-3 Herediano

MLS Commissioner, Don Garber discuses the big issues on the docket for the league.

As part of Black History Month, the MLS hosted a roundtable to discuss race in North American soccer that included Mark McKenzie.

Nashville’s MLS expansion team officially announced their team name, colors and crest on Wednesday, so welcome to the league, Nashville SC!

Atlanta United is “the team to beat in MLS” in 2019.


Indy Eleven’s stadium deal would now require the club to enter into a 25-year agreement with a Major League Soccer franchise and front 20 percent of the construction cost.


Crystal Dunn of the USWNT talks about the SheBelieves Cup that kicks off on Wednesday, February 27, at Talen Energy Stadium, along with the NWSL and the USWNT.

US Soccer president, Carlos Cordeiro shares his American soccer dreams, and the fact that the federation doesn’t know how many young players it has, but does know that the number isn’t growing.

The US Beach Soccer National Team will return to California for their second camp of 2019 before this spring’s 2019 CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship.


Liga MX club presidents say they are open to a combined Liga MX/MLS North American league in the future.

Ronaldo taunts Atlético Madrid despite Juventus losing 2-0.

Manchester City and Atlético Madrid won the first legs of their last-16 ties despite each losing VAR controversies.

The 10 things to watch this weekend in the Premier League.

A Who’s Who of the clubs advancing to the Europa League last 16.


  1. Wow that Covanta incinerator article is scary.
    In our consumerism driven country, plastic is a huge problem. It is probably one of the worst things ever placed upon all living things, by man itself. Plastic doesn’t go away. It degrades and leaches toxic chemicals into the soil and eventually the ground water. Some of it can be recycled, but not all, and even some of the bit that gets recycled has parts that can’t be. It’s killing the fish in our oceans, the birds in the sky and altering our DNA. Stop and just take a look around your house and see how much plastic it contains. Almost everything now has a bit of plastic in it. It’s absolutely mind boggling. We need to change as a society.
    The three R’s of conservation are Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Recycle is the LAST and LEAST important of the three. We as a society use it as if it was the answer, and not the last resort that it is. Stop buying plastic as much as you are able. Stop bringing plastic bags home from the store. Bring your own, or just buy what you can carry. Plastic is a terrible substance and should be treated as such.
    Thank you so much Sara for finding and posting this article in the roundup today.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      The day someone monetized putting water in a bottle was one of the worst days in hunan civilization.
      Beyond that, without plastics, we’re still a Stone Age people.

    • I sometimes realize when walking through a store (particularly ANY big box store) that 75% of everything I see is going to be in a landfill (or burned in Chester) in less than a year. 95% within 2 years.

    • My Dad jumped on the recycling band wagon in the mid 70’s,so I’ve been doing it for along time. I think single stream recycling has made the amount of stuff recycled drop. Now people just put anything in the can and off it goes. I kind of think the old separate the plastic, glass and aluminum way worked better with less contaminating of the goods.

    • Agreed. Thank you, Sara.

  2. I always thought it was a half-joke when Chester was referenced as a “dump” and that it they were afraid the stadium was in a “dangerous area.” Now I get it.

    • wait for the positive spin! “our new partner, Covanta, will be giving out dust masks to the first 5,000 fans at the next match.” “oh look! it’s got a cute picture of Phang on it.”

  3. FWIW. KC looked really, really good last night.

  4. The La Liga/MLS article is about a Mexican Liga MX/MLS league, not a Spanish La Liga/MLS league.
    Just to clarify.

  5. OneManWolfpack says:

    What happened to Atlanta? First game newness?

    • i’d say victim of not being a well-oiled machine like Herediano. Technically, they played 10 weeks ago, but they made mistakes (first goal) and were a step behind the rest of the night.
      was looking forward to the will-never-happen-again (monster trucks at Mercedes-Benz) Kennesaw-based match next week —down the street from family — but i can’t get there. should be a good time. might have answers by then.

  6. When is the last pre-season game?

  7. The Revs (and the Patriots) are gonna have some PR damage control here.


  8. I’m very tired of Union social media pushing E-sports. Happy for the kid, Doolsta or whatever, but his successes aren’t going to translate to Union wins on the pitch. Enough already.

  9. The Covanta story is unsettling and unfortunate but anything but news. What did we do before? Let Chinese children inhale toxins. What happens now? The children of Chester suffer. Capitalism provides the movers and shakers with clean air to breathe. So what can be done? The young students of Europe have been protesting recently but Europe already leads the way in most regards. The youth of America don’t care and the youth of China probably don’t know (thanks to the information curtain). Say nothing of the Indian subcontinent or subSaharan Africa. Doom!
    I, for one, look forward to living underground and enjoying the heyday of indoor sports, sipping soylent green, petting my robot companion that brings me joy in my windowless vault. So excited for the future!

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