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PSP’s Design-a-kit contest

Last winter, the team here at Philly Soccer Page celebrated the 12 Days of Union Kits-mas by looking back at each iteration of the Union’s jersey.

The Boys in Blue (and sometimes white and tan) released their 13th kit in the spring of 2018, the first home strip in franchise history without a gold bib. With one fell swoop, “Doop Hoops” was born, ushering in a new era in Philadelphia football fashion.

Instead of updating our piece from last fall and reviewing kit No. 13 this year, we thought we’d ask our readers to instead help design No. 14.

The contest

The Union are due an away kit this year and they have an event scheduled on February 8 to release the threads.

The last one away kit was a hit, and among the final times Union fans got see Maurice Edu in Union colors (and one of the last times they saw Josh Yaro with a Bimbo logo too).

The bar is high, but we’re certain our readers can reach it.

Your task

Your task: by 5pm on Friday, February 1, design the Union’s next away kit.

You can use a pen and paper, Microsoft Paint, some fancy Adobe product, or a website like KitBuilder… you can use whatever tool you want!

Then, email your design to: allthreepointspodcast@gmail.com. Please include your name and a brief description of why you built your shirt the way you did. (You only need to include the jersey, but if you feel so inspired, design the shorts and socks too).

We’ll review the best entries and crown a winner (prize TBD).

Ready? Go!


  1. that article link (related to the embedded video) best lines:
    “Fans found out several things when the Union released their newest away kit: Mo Edu was alive and well somewhere in the Union facility, and (surprisingly) neither Ilsinho nor Josh Yaro was a particularly great dancer.”

    the false hope that Mo would contribute going forward was a light in the darkness.

    steel kit > all others

  2. my expectations are meh. as long as the new away kit isn’t:
    -all white
    -doesn’t have gimmicky neck impr… — someone just told me this is a thing already

  3. Love the idea. Can’t wait to see some good ideas.

  4. These are really good so far…

  5. submitted!

  6. Saw nice one on Twitter using bimbos other brands and had my hopes up but alas same stupid pitifully dumb misguided pathetic utterly incompetent front office that this is the logo. Seriously no one with a brain in this organization and half a pint of charm to get a better logo? In this market?
    Never ever buying anything with bimbo on it and not alone in that view.
    Don’t they realize the money they lose with this logo?
    Could buy a half dozen DP with a logo that sells merchandise and grows fan support.
    Disgusted UnionGoal

    Ps ny owner and new yorkers view philly fans as “pussies” so guess this was a clever way to get philly team and fans to wear a similar logo proudly. Bet sugarman laughs every time he sees it

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