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News roundup: Union draft gets a good grade, MLS honors Sigi, and Ronaldo catches a warrant

Photo credit: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

Despite not taking part, the Union earned a B+ draft score. Which probably says more about the MLS SuperDraft than it does about the Union.

Charles Boehm agrees though, the Union made the right call.

Josh Yaro has signed with USL’s San Antonio FC.

Long-time Union assistant coach B.J. Callaghan has taken an assistant coaching job with Ernie Stewart and the US Men’s National Team.

In case you forgot, this is what it looks like when a Philadelphia player makes an easy catch.


Moving forward, the MLS Coach of the Year Award will be known as the Sigi Schmid MLS Coach of the Year Award.

How the Bradleys handle criticism.

Alphonso Davies started for Bayern Munich (in a friendly).

Feilhaber to the Rapids.

US Soccer

U-18 Forward Charlie Kelman with the fire in English League One.

Josh Sargent started for Werder Bremen in their final friendly before the second half of the Bundesliga season starts.

Ives thinks there’s another young USMNT star on the horizon.


The first crack in Qatar’s attempt to become a soccer destination. [Translation]

The plot thickens for Ronaldo.

Fabregas to Monaco.

Meanwhile, in England.


  1. for anyone who read last week’s PSP article on Union PA announcer Kevin Casey, seems like they could use him at his old gig:

    • I’m a bit perplexed by this…Can someone tell me how “let’s snip his ponytail” is racist? Now, what the fans did by saying they should scalp the guy I get. But how is a ponytail the domain of Indians? Sorry I don’t understand this one. What am I missing?

      • It was a way to disgrace a warrior, if I’m not entirely mistaken. It’s, at best, a pretty ignorant thing to say.

      • I thought phrase refers to dishonoring a Samurai or weakening Sampson or cleaning up some dirty hippie or ……de-douchbagging Brek Shea. Live and learn.

      • Ok, thanks, I stand more informed than earlier today.

  2. Peter A Mazzaccaro says:

    Best to Yaro. He never had much of a chance with the Union, between injuries and more talented, younger guys right behind him in the academy. Would still like to see him give defensive midfield a try.

    • Many of us yearned to see him as a d-mid. Unfortunate he never got a sniff of it.

    • Yaro’s a guy that made repeated huge mistakes at the most inopportune times. Skilled, but zero concept of conservative vs overly risky decisionamking. And guys that are always hurt…maybe that says something about their ability or desire to play through injury.

      • Fair enough, but so has the all mighty Trusty. Time and time again. He also is a disaster with distributing out of the back. Yaro had 100x the touch of Trusty and most other defenders on this team. You’re right though, he was Injury prone. I wish the best for him in the USL. I’m nervous with Trusty and he didn’t impress me at all last season.

      • Awfully brave questioning someone’s desire and heart from your keyboard. Yaro has serial concussions and shoulder surgery.

        Calling him injury prone is fine. Questioning his desire and heart is thoughtless, stupid and cowardly.

  3. So does this sight come up as not secured to anyone else or is it just me? Google is actually recommending not to use it now.

    • Yes please!

    • Yes, we should fire the coach coming off the best season in Club history with the 19th most expensive roster in the league out of 23 teams. Makes perfect sense…especially for a guy who is about to get relegated with the same relative financial standing in his respective league.

      • 1st, that was clearly not a serious suggestion in that flying pigs down Broad Street is at least four times more likely to take place.

        2nd, your logic doesn’t hold for a number of reasons. But the financial gulf between Toronto (the priciest MLS club) and the Union is far smaller than that between Manchester City and Huddersfield. Toronto spends roughly 3 times the Union on compensation — $26.1 million to $8.9 million. City outspends Huddersfield by more than 10x — 264.1 million pounds to 21.7 million pounds. Look at those gaps and tell me that’s even a reasonable comparison of place and buying power. Wagner had less money to spend on players than 13 clubs(!) in the Championship, a tier below the one in which he played. Securing that team’s place in the PL last season was nothing short of genius.

        City’s spending is amazing. One year of its wage bills could fund the current annual Union wage bill for more than 38 years. It’s so vastly different than the relative parity in MLS.

      • “best season in Club history” was still a crap season and many many steps backward.

        Quit drinking the Kool-Aid and realize this coach stinks. Big loss after big loss (from numerous cup finals to playoffs)

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