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News roundup: more about Trusty and McKenzie at camp, a mock draft and 2019 wishes

Photo Credit: Paul Rudderow


In case you missed this at the end of 2018, US Soccer highlighted Trusty and McKenzie as the new young center back duo called to the USMNT camp. Full article is here.

Young, homegrown Brenden Aaronson is getting ready for his debut season.

The Union announced the renewal of their partnership with New Jersey Youth Soccer yesterday.

Former academy and Bethlehem Steel player, Issa Rayyan has been marked as a top college homegrown prospect.


Five Reading United alumni were invited to the 2019 MLS Player Combine, including Hugo Delhommelle, Jakov Basic, Kervin Kenton Fadel, Kamal Miller and Ben Lundt.


Boca Juniors’ captain, Pablo Perez might be coming to the MLS. Perez was strongly linked to the Union before he went to Spain a few years ago and would fill a much needed spot for the Union.

MLS writer, Matthew Doyle shares his 2019 mock SuperDraft, with the Union picking midfielder, Tommy McCabe.

The college homegrown prospect rankings are out, featuring Issa Rayyan at number five and Kalil Elmedkhar as an honorable mention.

An unnamed MLS club is rumored to have submitted a “lucrative” offer for Augsburg goalkeeper, Andreas Luthe.


All of the USMNT’s important 2019 dates you should be marking on your new calendar.


Here’s the January 2019 transfer window for Europe’s top five leagues in England, Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

Kyle Martino talks to NPR about the most expensive American player’s (Pulisic) move to Chelsea.

Bayern Munich offer Chelsea £30 million for Callum Hudson-Odoi after bids of £15m and £20m were rejected.

Cristiano Ronaldo won Best Player of the Year at the 2019 Globe Soccer Awards yesterday.

Man City beat Liverpool, 2-1 to get back in the Premier League title race.

ESPN FC’s soccer wishes for 2019 around the world.


  1. There is a feed circling around Instagram of someone walking away from Ethiad last night while 56,000 people sing, Hey Jude that will leave the hair on your arms standing…
    Lord what I would do for that aspect of culture here.
    What a match. What a match. What a match.

    • I still don’t understand how City didn’t tire after an hour of out-intensifying Liverpool. They ruled the midfield. Fernadinho… Can see in that performance why he’s probably their most important player. And that goal line clearance….. What was it, 11.7mm I think I read in The Guardian this morning? Several times pure luck bailed out Ederson.

      Going to be a stressful rest of the season for Liverpool fans.

    • i was so excited i needed to choke a water bottle! Sané’s goal… lovely.

  2. MLS writer, Matthew Doyle shares his 2019 mock SuperDraft, with the Union picking midfielder, Tommy McCabe-

    “See the ball, win the ball, connect a simple pass to more creative teammates. Problem is, when he was asked to do more than that …he wasn’t really able to deliver.”

    Man does that sound like a Union player or what?!?!

    • Who knows! I’m always a little too excited about the Superdraft but with a youth guy like Ernst Tanner holding the reins, maybe it’s merited this year. We got 3 of the first 37 picks which is pretty decent (and you know that’ll shift around). The 2019 Union is going to have a fresh look and I have to imagine Ernst sees the draft as a real opportunity find a gem or two.
      Conversely, the draft is an American oddity and it could be mostly off his radar. The draft has given us Blake and Elliot…and a few dozen other guys who haven’t panned out. I want to be optimistic but we’ll see.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        I appreciate you covering both basis and would surmise it wasn’t until just recently that Ernst Tanner was even aware college players become professionals…. in things other than law, healthcare, business etc etc.
        Who knows. It would be my guess Chris Albright has his hands on the reigns of NCAA soccer while Ernst Tanner manages ‘real’ avenues to filling out teams.

      • I know that Brendan Burke said he was paying good attention to the NCAA this offseason when I spoke with him in December before the holidays.
        Of the technical staff between his time at Reading and his time away coaching in the NCAA he has the most recent and longest contact with the colleges and universities, and I am guessing networks and contacts are crucial.
        He has said that he and coach Hogan pay attention to the NCAA boys during the Bethlehem season somewhat, in addition to their primary responsibilities, and of course this year that task is augmented by coach McCann.

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