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News roundup: Berhalter finally announced, Libertadores to Madrid, and madness in Liverpool

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Philadelphia Union

US Open Cup winner and Lancaster native Andrew Wenger announced his retirement from professional soccer.


The Thomas H. Dudley Family School, a public K-8 school in Camden, NJ, is launching an intramural soccer program to help students learn leadership and teamwork skills. The program is funded by donations and is free to play for Dudley students.


Tyler Adams is following Jesse Marsch to Leipzig.

Lots of changes are coming for Columbus.

David Villa’s departure from NYCFC means he is free to join his Spanish teammate Andres Iniesta in Japan.

US Soccer

It’s finally official, Gregg Berhalter will be the next USMNT coach.

Two thirds of the Dwyer-Leroux household were excited to announce a second child is on the way.

Haji Wright got his first Bundesliga start for Schalke 04 as The Miners drew Hoffenheim 1-1.


A bizarre goal in the 96th minute made all the difference for Liverpool to get a derby win over Everton.

A new FIFA rule limiting the number of players a team may have out on loan could significantly change the market for talent.

Lukaku with the crippling foul on himself.

The Copa Libertadores drama continues with confirmation that the second leg will be played in Madrid, though it’s unclear if that means River Plate captain Leo Ponzio in eligible to play.


  1. that Crew article is pretty impressive in highlighting the Save The Crew efforts which continue today. what’s more impressive: founding a team with no team or turning back the imposing tide? i’d like to watch a documentary on this.

  2. OneManWolfpack says:

    That Liverpool goal… that ball was out, right? I mean, it definitely looked out. Let’s go to VAR… oh wait.

    • The replays I saw all seem like the ball is directly above the bar which would indicate directly on the endline by relation. Since the entire ball must be over line to be considered out of bounds I would say it is absolutely a good goal. Crazy flukely.
      Agree on the need of VAR to England tho.
      And for the record I am not a supporter of either team involved.

    • It was real close, but I think Pickford kept it in. And then it bounces on the bar and into play, so it was in. To be honest, what Pickford was thinking in that moment is beyond me. It’s like he imagined he was trying to keep a jump shot out of the basket. You tip that ball out of play every time, right?

      Glad I’m not a Toffee.

    • The ball was going to land on the back part of the bar and careen out of bounds, from what I saw. When Pickford reaches for it, he keeps it from going out, it bounces on the bar again, then to Origi for the goal. Amazing. I had DVR’d the match and saw the winning goal last night about 11:30 p.m. Just amazing.

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