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News roundup: Roster droppings, Curtin back, playoff ch-ch-ch-changes, more

Photo: Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union

The Union’s offseason began in earnest yesterday, with the club announcing who is in and who’s out from the current roster for 2019. All indications point to Borek Dockal returning to Europe in 2019. Sigh.

Sporting Director Ernst Tanner held a press conference that went over all the changes and what to expect next season. Among the larger pieces of news was that head coach Jim Curtin was re-signed for one more year — effectively a small contract extension. Other tidbits include hints at a two-striker system with Fafa Picault and a more Red Bulls-y playing style.

PSP’s Ryan Rose has a terrific recap of everything that went down yesterday here.

The Athletic asks whether re-signing Curtin makes sense? MLS Multiplex says it does… to a point.

Bethlehem Steel

Bethlehem Steel also wielded the ax to their roster, going even younger for 2019. One big surprise is the departure of Santi Moar.


To the relief of all, sources say MLS will alter the playoff schedule next year to eliminate the two-week international break between rounds. Hallelujah!

It’s official: Longtime FC Dallas manager Oscar Pareja is headed to Club Tijuana. It’s a good sign when Liga MX is poaching MLS coaches.

St. Louis mayor backs privately-owned MLS stadium plan. Kudos for St. Louis for supporting a team without public funds.

Union legend Corben Bone will join FC Cincinnati in MLS next season.

U.S. Soccer

A preview of this afternoon’s USMNT friendly versus Italy. Yawn.

Meet Alex Mendez, the 18-year-old pulling the strings for the U.S. U-20 squad’s run through CONCACAF qualifying. Another LA Galaxy Academy product playing far from California.

The U.S. Women’s European tour have them ready for this summer’s World Cup.


  1. There’s no better indicator of the Union’s ambition than their 1.29 PPG manager getting a 6th season.

  2. Bonesaw 2: Bonesaws revenge.

  3. el Pachyderm says:

    I’ve been watching and following Alex Mendez for 6 years. Kid is at a different level.

  4. John O'Donnell says:

    I don’t understand how the Union following finishing sixth next year isn’t the story today? Think about it, they won’t get the last spot in.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      In my opinion…. Jim Curtin did enough for Ernst Tanner over 4-6 months to warrant an opportunity to coach a team he assembles for 2019 or at least part of 2019.
      As five year vets of the Curtin Experience, it is totally realistic to be a bit concerned and underwhelmed and be prepared to jettison him as a guy who has hit his ceiling.
      All things being equal, I’m okay with the decision. I think the terms of the contract speak volumes.

  5. Old Soccer Coach says:

    I would think the story is moving away from the rigid commitment to a 4-2-3-1 possession game, the key word being rigid.
    Tanner is ready to teach him how to do other things, also.
    And it’s organization wide, not the Union.

  6. Not dissatisfied with Curtin returning. It’s a one year extension. It’s a one year “show me what you got” deal in my opinion. Also keeps the team stable with the young players. I have commented before Curtin should go. But also see the merits of keeping some stability while there are other changes happening also. Let’s find a #10 please…soon!!

  7. I’ve been arguing that we really had nothing to lose by replacing Jim Curtin. But a 1 year extension is a 1 year extension. I am neither happy nor upset about that. I feel neutral about it.

    He needs to demonstrate some coaching development to earn any further time. I won’t even make it about the standings per se — it depends on what happens to the players, what Tanner gives him, are there any freak occurrences, etc. He’s just gotta show us that he can do some things with the players he has.

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