October 11: Phield of Dreams

There’s an old warehouse on Spring Garden Street in the Callowhill West neighborhood of Philadelphia, between 8th and 9th Street just next to the Traffic Court. Unless you’ve been pleading your case for running a stop sign, the only other reason you’d know this block is if you love flea markets. This metal cavern was once home to the charming Philadelphia Flea Market and the wildly entertaining Punk Rock Flea Market.

Both have moved to new homes, and if you don’t love other people’s trash, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t notice this old warehouse before.

A new tenant has arrived, though, and thus you’d be remiss if you don’t notice it today.

An oasis

Just a few weeks ago, Philly Soccer Page published an article about a soccer pitch in the middle of nowhere. It was about a patch of green “grass” in a place you wouldn’t otherwise expect, about the kind of pitch the next Messi, Cavani, or Dempsey might be found, about a place that changed one writer’s perception of an otherwise forgotten village.

Phield House is The City of Brotherly Love’s version of this story.

By taking a forgotten space and turning it into an all-season oasis of five-a-side footy (among other things), this barn of a building has grown by leaps and bounds beyond its fresh coat of paint.

(For some incredible photos, have a look at these.)

The conclusion many readers might be jumping to is that this is the space for your next club team, whether you’re 6 or 60.

That’s true, and Phield House has already partnered with several leagues in the city and has several more lined up.

One obvious perk? Free parking.

Beyond the obvious, though, this is the place where the next generation of youth players will hone their skills. Phield House’s focus on development and technical skills is at the fore of their vision, and their open doors to trainers, clinicians, and other mentors is one way in which they’ll implement this mission.

Anyone can find a league, it’s much more difficult to find a place to train.

This is that place.

This is the place where the next great American player can, in the immortal words of Bruce Arena, “try sh*t.” More than that, though, because of the aforementioned focus on development, this is the place where the next great American player can do that and have individualized training to help him or her try a better version of that sh*t next time.

Upgraded sh*t. Next level sh*t. Clint-Dempsey’s-turn-against-Turkey sh*t.

The Phillies opened the Ryan Howard training center at Marion Anderson Recreation Center. You might remember this field because it’s the “home” field of Mo’ne Davis.

(Author’s note: she played and trained there before the Phillies were involved, but the field itself has been there for many, many years.)

Phield House is the new home of the next great Philadelphian soccer player.

Now is the time

What this place has to offer is the kind of thing most American soccer fans are clamoring for: a place where young players can play without time limits, restrictions, or rules. It’s the back yard that city kids don’t have, the safe park that parents can’t find, the field that isn’t always scheduled to capacity.

Phield House is ready for high school basketball (with a regulation court and adjustable baskets) and the kind of pick-up games worthy of this great city.

Phield House is ready for volleyball, with professional facilities rarely found anywhere with a 191 zip code.

Phield House is ready for corporate events, like the one mentioned in PSP’s article about the revenue potential of arenas like Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, TX.

Phield House is ready for children’s parties, youth clinics, and anything you can think of that might require a place to play.

Phield House is obviously ready for soccer.

Phield House is ready.

Check them out.

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