People in the Stadium

People in the stadium: Steve and @fiiishbonez

PSP’s People in the Stadium series continues with this interesting chat from a few weeks ago.

G:What’s your name?


G:Last name?
S:No last names.

F:My name is @Fiiishbonez, the call me Fish.

G: What are you guys doing here?

S: We just performed a breakdancing show.

F: Breakdancing show, we are street performers and commercial performers. We do run-way shows and magazines and we do music, we do all kinds of things; we are artists basically.

G: Why were you asked?

F: We were asked to dance here because basically we are the best dancers in New York City.

G: Are you from New York?

S: We came all the way from New York to party with you guys.

G:Are you guys soccer fans?

S: Yes, I used to play soccer.

Q:Are you fans of any of the New York teams?

S: Absolutely!

F: Germany!

S: We’re fans of Philadelphia too.

G: Are you fan of this New York team or the other New York team?

S: I would say both. Can I like both or no? You can’t do that, huh?

F: Philly has really good Philly cheese steak sandwiches. That’s what I want to go do after this.

G: Are you German?

F: No I’m not. I’m Columbian.

G: What do you think of the crowd today?

F: Big crowd, awesome people, good vibes. Good energy, it’s pretty cool, it’s been good out.

S: I think the kids were great, they were dancing, we got everyone up. We had even grandpa dancing on the dance floor. That was very cool.

G: Do you guys perform at sports games a lot?

S: We do all types of events. We perform in the street we perform for TV, we have a movie coming up

F: Yeah, uhm.. Big rock concerts mostly. I’m usually with rock bands. We just did Rock USA and Warped Tour and all that so.. We’re basically known in the hip-hop culture and rock culture in New York.

G: Did you play soccer in Columbia?

F: Oh yeah. I was born here, raised in Columbia then came back to the United States, my family does play soccer, they are soccer fans.

S: [Mumbles.]

G: You gotta what?

S: We gotta go.

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