People in the Stadium

People in the stadium: Kobe Waltman

What is your name?

Kobe Waltman

What is your involvement with Turkey Hill?

I work for the marketing department. I travel all over the place and hand out free ice cream at events and stores.

Is this your first time at a soccer game?

Nah, I’ve been here before. A few months back I came here. Actually it was the first marketing job I did when I came here.

Turkey Hill is also a sponsor of the Union?

Yeah, the sponsor here.

What does that mean for you as a company.

It means we get more exposure to the public. You get a big game going on, you get a lot of people here, give out a lot of free ice cream.

I mean the other way around, is your company invested in the game? Do you know how the team is doing? Are you guys involved with the game at all?

Ah. No. No, we don’t. I don’t hear anything like that. I just show up and hand out the free ice cream.

Some games are more busy than others can you predict how many people are going to show up?

I don’t know. I just show up and give out the ice cream.

But you have to decide how much ice cream you need to bring.

Well, they determine based on when they were here before. So let’s say they handed out 3,000 last time then I bring 3,000. I’m sure I’ll take some back.

Is there a certain flavor people here like more than other flavors?

Uhm, they seem to like the all natural vanilla. We are also handing out a new brand of ice cream we have, it’s Decadent Delights, it’s a vanilla mango, that’s my favorite, I like it.

What do you think of the people here?

These people are great. You’re in Philadelphia, brotherly love. You know I have been all over the  place, I go out to Chicago and do the same thing. I have been to the Chicago Rib Fest down town.

Where do you live?

In live in Lancaster Pennsylvania.

How do the crowds compare between Chicago and Philly?

They’re big out there. You are talking thousands and thousands of people. It’s a big city. They come from all over.

Are you going inside and watch the game?

No I won’t be able to go inside much.

Have you ever been to a soccer game?

Yeah. I have been here before with another guy, I went inside then and checked it out.

You guys have a sponsor box up there?

I don’t know if we do or not here, I never asked. It’d be nice. They  have one in Lancaster at the Barnstormers. I have been in that.

What is your favorite sport?



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  1. His name is Kobe which is cool.

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