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News roundup: Dockal is training, Burke is coach of the month, and court date in Columbus today

Photo courtesy of Bethlehem Steel FC

Philadelphia Union

In case you needed a reminder that Philly’s history with the Open Cup runs deep.

It’s like people haven’t even read the Union’s totally reasonable cleat-and-lightning explanation.

Dockal’s back to full training, and Fontana is available as well.


Bethlehem Steel’s Brendan Burke has been named USL Coach of the Month for August.

Penn FC gutted out a close 1-0 victory over the Indy Eleven.


Important court dates coming up in Columbus. #SaveTheCrew

On the other side of the coin, Austin’s supporters group is making plans to catch the Crew vs. Dallas game this weekend.

An update on Coach Jermaine Jones.

Phoenix is back on the menu?


Sky Blue FC’s main supporters group is refusing to renew their season tickets unless the front office addresses the numerous, serious problems with the club.

Hurricane Florence may complicate North Carolina’s playoff game against Chicago.

US Soccer

The critics have spoken, the US-Mexico rivalry is back.

An unremarkable Englishman from a TV network that can’t stay on cable isn’t impressed by the new-look USMNT.

Weston McKinnie got away with a bruised knee, and is back with Schalke for treatment.


That La Liga game in the States idea is looking less and less likely to be a reality. (Google Translate)

Watch the Man City Women and drink for free!


  1. I felt such relief when I heard Dockal was alright and back to training. The question is: is he rested this weekend against MTL? Better yet, who doesn’t travel to Seattle? So many interesting squad decisions to make before the Cup Final. Jimbo has been getting better with rotation but old habits die hard. There’s no reason to send Haris/Borek/Bedoya on the 4000+ journey. Surely he won’t play the best XI in every match leading up to the Cup. Surely. Right? Right?!

    • I think he sends out a top choice 11 against Seattle and then heavily rotates for next Sunday’s game against SKC. That gives them a chance to get something from the two games, while resting the starters for the more important Cup Final. Of course not getting all 3 points against Montreal this Saturday could alter those plans…..

    • I get the argument for resting starters against SKC instead of Seattle, but I would rather the main guys stay home and train rather then fly across the country and back mid-week and then do it again the following week. Besides, in a vacuum the likeliest scenario is a loss, or probably at best a draw, in Seattle, so no reason to risk anything heavy for that game, on turf, with the long flight and time difference. They’ll be fine with the quick turnaround after an afternoon home game where, frankly, the team should be expected to get all 3 points given the time of year and position on the table.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      If (when) they beat Montreal this week, I would then keep the Big 3 home for the Seattle game. It’s a Western Conference team so it doesn’t really have playoff implications. I would give them a run out in the KC game at home, unless the game is a run away either way, in preparation for the biggest game this team has played in a long time.

      • I’d keep about the big 11 home honestly. What’s the point of sending Blake or Rosenberry or Burke or…
        Give the younger and bench players a run out and hope they can steal a point or more.

  2. An unremarkable Delaware County resident doesn’t mow his lawn but pays teenagers to do it…says, “that US – Mexico game was wretched.”
    LLanez of el Tri. He caught me attention. He was sensational.
    Eric Lichaj ought never step on field as a LB again. The entire game changed as soon as the switch to Antonee was made. I also thought Miazga was excellent.
    Beyond that… holy shit disjointed, dissonant and WAY too many mistakes.
    I also agree with Taylor Twellmans rant…. how is it there has not been a National Team manager appointed yet.

    • They have a 5 year plan for hiring the new manager…

    • By 2026 this group of kids may be ready to actually compete for something at the World Cup, so I understand the 8-year plan, but 2022 is SO crucial to their growth. The entire focus of the next 4 years needs to be developing these young players – or finding better ones – and going to Qatar and watching em go.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      I personally don’t care if the USMNT has a manager right now. We are a solid year or so away from a meaningless game and while I certainly wouldn’t wait that long to appoint someone… these games right now mean nothing to me. Plus not having Pulisic clearly hurt the team.
      I do agree the focus is truly on 2026 and while you have to qualify and get experience in 2022, ultimately if 2026 is a bust (say – not getting out of the group stage), that might really put the nail in the coffin for this country on a world stage.
      One thing I will say though… man are we as a country good at producing GK’s and D-mid’s… or what?!?! HA!

    • I understand TT’s rant but let’s run the clock back. When the Bruce resigned, Gulati was still in charge but making noises that he was going to step down. Did we really want a lame duck Pres. select the new manager? So we had an election. The new guy says that the structure will change with a GM of the team selecting the new coach. I’m sure TT has ranted in the past that there needs to be a real “soccer” GM. So now we will get one. So they go thru the selection process for a GM (hence Ernie in August) First duties. Find a coach? No. This is Ernie remember, nothing is done without a plan, that’s why he was hired. No, first duties are, determine the criteria for coach selection, English speaker,etc. Make up a short list. And here we are

      And Oh let’s remember that the new pres was a little tied up securing the WC 2026 for us this spring so there was that. And Oh, let’s remember that the list of good national team coaches “available” was pretty short before and during a little tourny in Russia this summer so there is that.

      Would I rather have a full time National team coach right now. Sure. But I sort of understand why we don’t. And if the process yields a good fit, then the wait will be worth it. And for the record my patience with TT’s rants is wearing thin. More bomb throwing than anything else. He’s moving into Alexi territory

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