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News roundup: Steel sign top Union prospect, USMNT beats Mexico, more.

Photo courtesy of Bethlehem Steel FC

Philadelphia Union

Great story from the Union about how soccer saved a local child’s life.

ICYMI: The Union Academy swept Virginia Development Academy over the weekend.

The Academy’s Dante Huckaby, Patrick Bohui, and Selmir Miscic were all called up to a U-16 USYNT camp at IMG Academy.


Speaking of Miscic, Union affiliate Bethlehem Steel signed the USYNT and Academy standout. Miscic becomes the youngest player to sign a professional contract with the organization – Bethlehm Steel or Philadelphia Union. This kid is definitely one to look out for.


D.C. United have launched a “Pathway 2 Pro” program. When Earnie Stewart spoke about thinking years ahead, this is to what he was referring.

Atlanta United manager Tata Martino is reportedly drawing interest from the Argentinian national team.

Meanwhile, Darlington Nagbe is back in full training with the club


USMNT beat Mexico in a 1-0 friendly off a Tyler Adams goal.

Around the globe

England also had a 1-0 victory. Theirs came against Switzerland.

Spain trounced Croatia 6-0.


  1. “D.C. United have launched a “Pathway 2 Pro” program. When Earnie Stewart spoke about thinking years ahead, this is to what he was referring.”

    It’s going to be minor, easy to miss nuggets like these that come out in the following months and years that will show how much ES actually did for this club.

  2. I don’t know about anyone else but I am ready for more of my Philadelphiaaa Uuuuuuunion. This int’l break has bored the piss out of me.

  3. el Pachyderm says:

    I like fafa. Just watched the interview again and would just like to rebut.
    You did suck. I’ve missed a handful of games in 10 years, for the exception of a couple of moments this organization has sucked. So use the indignation. Be righteous and just play well.
    But make no mistake, from the beginning until just recently with the teams growing form…, the team has sucked. The good news, you didnt believe it. The bad news, traffic to this sight proves us right.
    Good luck and go forth. Just keep playing well.

    • Whether or not they do suck, should be immaterial to the player, IMO. They should always have the attitude that they are better than people believe, even if it’s not true. To struggle to improve and better one’s self, to me, is the point of Life, in anything you do. As you say take that indignation, and burn it for fuel.
      I will not argue that Philadelphians are prone to negativity. We are. I’d say we have a right to be, history of our sports teams being what they are. But I also think in this specific Union case things are a bit different. I started getting those good feeling vibes from the team when Dockal started to make his impact on the team. Let me say it was weird. These were feelings I wasn’t used to as a Union fan. My natural reaction was to stifle it, ignore it. But I gave in and went with it eventually. I can see why one would not want to. I mean this is the Union we are talking about. How many times have we hoped only to be let down? So I don’t blame our fellow fans for being gun shy. I was that way myself. It’s only natural to be hesitant after so much disappointment.

      • heck yeah. I argued once a long time ago, nothing would make me happier than heralding the “Greatness of the Union,” and when they play well, I tend to be one of the first to point that out.
        all that to say, This is Philadelphia and what some perceive (nationally and locally) as negativity, I tend to perceive as discernment.
        Malcolm Jenkins summated it perfectly on Thursday night last week when a reporter asked about his team being booed as they walked to the halftime tunnel on the same day the stadium hoisted its first super bowl banner… essentially saying….
        “I love them for it. They bring an edge. We are accountable. Last season is done. Nothing else matter but ‘The Now Now’.” Gorillaz shout out by el P…not the player.
        I’m just pointing out to Fafa, we all thought you sucked —-because —- YOU DID. Congrats for proving otherwise.
        That’s not being negative. That’s being honest and discerning. Two qualities that separate this town from almost every other one.

      • Got ya. I understand more now what you were getting at, and totally agree.

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