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News roundup: Phang harangue, Schmid out, US v Mex anew, more

Photo courtesy Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia Union

The Union’s mascot Phang hatched at the Philadelphia Zoo yesterday. Yes, it has arms and legs, and, yes, people are making fun of it, but the kids look happy and I think he’s kinda cute. Also, it’s just a mascot so who cares, have fun.

Full evolution of Phang from the team here. Dan Walsh will have some comical thoughts on the fully-appendaged snake later today.

Cory Burke nabbed a brace and Andre Blake pitched a shutout in Jamaica’s 4-0 win over Cayman Islands in CONCACAF Nations League qualifying.


After a woeful second stint at LA Galaxy, Sigi Schmid is out as manager at the former powerhouse. Similarly maligned MLS vet Dom Kinnear takes the reigns on the interim. Maybe he can play defense for them too?

Five candidates for the Galaxy job.

Atlanta United clinched a playoff spot over the weekend.

A new stat called “Packing” may be coming to MLS. For those of you without a subscription to The Athletic, read more here.

U.S. Soccer

A new generation of Americans will get their first taste of the US-Mexico rivalry tonight.

This was helpful for me: What is the CONCACAF nation’s league and what does it mean for the USMNT?


  1. “Packing” is interesting. Certainly helps quantify the importance of good passing from players that often do not end up on the traditional statsheet (centerbacks, deep lying playmakers).
    But the stat is still 100% offense-driven, at least in my understanding of it. How do you quantify a 20yrd recovery run to get behind the ball and force the opponent to recycle? How do you quantify a player reading that taking a few steps to the right will deny a passing lane if the pass is never attempted?
    Stats are great, and I hope stats in soccer continue to evolve, but its hard to believe that it will ever be as clear as baseball, football, etc.

  2. My 11-year-old son’s first reaction to Phang was “He’s great! I want to see him again.” That’s what a mascot is about. I can’t help but feel sorry for people who can’t get over the fact that a snake has arms and legs…. It’s a bloody mascot. And it’s for kids. Every Premier League Club has a mascot, too, so don’t sweat it. Side note: I’m pretty convinced it was CJ Sapong in the snake suit yesterday…. I would not put it past him to find that enjoyable.

    Further, what has become of Sigi Schmid? He completely lost the plot in Seattle and seems to have never found it in LA. I don’t follow the Galaxy enough to know how much blame he deserves, but I suspect there are some real organizational issues at the club that aren’t going anywhere no matter how many managers they decide to cycle through.

  3. OneManWolfpack says:

    Regarding Phang… I do hope most of the people ripping Phang are attempting humor or being sarcastic. (I’m not referring to Dan Walsh). Anyone who can be upset about a mascot, unless it’s this Death Machine from Scotland – (sfw – https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRq2Ef2DDOL8RckjGqTRxcnzuervt2W6hVgNfreaeEBCWy29zut) – really needs to just go find something better to do.

  4. Really glad the mascot is a snake. It fits the branding well. As long as the target audience likes it,it’s all good!! My Dad thought the Phanatic was the dumbest thing…but as a kid,I loved it!

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