1. I understand the feel-good reasons why they are trying to do this on a world-wide scale, but I am disappointed at how this will affect us, and basically any other region besides UEFA. For UEFA this will be a cash cow.
    This will end up having a huge affect on FIFA rankings. With every region playing in a bubble now, the ability to move up and down in the rankings is going to be limited by the best team in each region. Beating them is going to be the only way to move up, and there will be that glass ceiling for each region.
    This might be a good thing for the small nations around the world, but as an overall effect, I think it will limit more than it helps.

  2. This seems like a way slide cash to the minnows. someone has to pay for these additional games, and it won’t come from tv or gate receipts from them. If these sports federations weren’t seemingly universally corrupt, I’d say fine, the USA & Mexico could easily pay for Ts&Cs to play st Kitts in an annual best of 7 series. But I have no confidence that the money will make it to where it’s supposed to go. Not a fan of this idea.

  3. I think the idea is great but do have initial concerns about finances. Absolutely in favor of strict fiduciary responsibility and transparency.
    Far too long the U.S. has taken for granite of the minimum requirements to be a TOP team in CONCACAF Federation.
    It is time for our Country to be open to a wide range of competition and strengthen North America as a whole.
    If we as the USA are to set a standard then why not play everyone and prove it on a field we all know and love.
    FOOTBALL truly is, the gold standard in creativity.

  4. Just a slight correction: the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) is a British Overseas Territory made up of more than 40 islands with a population of more than 31,000. For more info you can check this website: http://turksandcaicostourism.com/about-turks-and-caicos/quick-facts/
    Looking forward to the games.

  5. Scott of Nazareth says:

    I like the concept, but do wonder how this impacts teams like US & Mexico getting opportunities to play on the big boy fields.

    Also – what happens to the Gold Cup and/or the potentially expanded Copa America? Are they planning to do this on the women’d side too?

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