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News roundup: Union and Steel both win, Atlanta’s Martinez makes MLS history, Hope Solo sues over pay

Photo credit: Daniel Gajdamowicz

Philadelphia Union

The Union made it three for three in beating the Revs this season. Cory Burke’s goal just may be the oddest goal in Union history with VAR to the rescue, Burke celebrating solo (by the way, the shirt under his jersey said: report and the postgame videos.

Jonathan Tannenwald managed to get compelling evidence that Burke was onside for Saturday’s goal.

Move over Brian Carroll, Ray Gaddis is now the team’s leader in minutes played.

Goals galore for Union Academy grads on opening night of college soccer season.


Thanks to Adam Najem’s goal in stoppage time, Bethlehem Steel got a road win over Nashville SC, 1-2. The win lets the Steel hold on to 5th place in the Eastern Conference.

Penn FC snapped their winless streak with a score of 2-0 over Ottawa Fury FC up in Canada.

Penn Women’s Soccer won, 1-0, over Army West Point. Emily Sands’ PK was the difference maker.

Penn Fusion SA of West Chester had a good weekend at the Spirit Kick-Off Classic.


Here’s what down this weekend:

  • MLS history was made on Friday in Florida as Atlanta United FC forward Josef Martinez scored his 28th goal of the MLS regular season, surpassing Roy Lassiter Chris Wondolowski, and Bradley Wright-Phillips for the most goals in a single season. Psst, Sugarman, see what happens when you spend Blank bucks on serious strikers.
  • LAFC fought for a draw, 1-1, against the LA Galaxy. Ibrahimovic scored his 16th MLS goal.
  • Toronto FC annihilated the Montreal Impact, 3-1. Giovinco netted a brace.
  • Sporting KC notched its fourth consecutive shutout win against Minnesota United FC, 2-0.
  • Real Salt Lake routed a nine-man Colorado Rapids, 6-0. Bury the Rapids in a mountain, man, their season is done.
  • Speaking of Western Conference cellar dwellers, San Jose lost to Vancouver, 3-2.
  • The New York Red Bulls claimed the 2018 Atlantic Cup with a 1-0 win over D.C. United.
  • The Seattle Sounders won their seventh straight match in Portland, 1-0.
U.S. Soccer

A survey says that soccer leads all boys sports in increased high school participation.

Hope Solo sues U.S. Soccer in Federal court over pay gap.

Around the globe

Marco Reus reached 100 goals as Dortmund dunked Leipzig for lunch, 4-1.

Everton defender Michael Keane suffered a small hairline fracture on his skull and will be sidelined about a month.

Are Arsenal better off without Ozil?

La Liga has opened an investigation into Real Valladolid’s “Like a beach” pitch following their defeat by Barcelona on Saturday.

Trained to find players, Bundesliga insider scouts for scouts, too.

Highlight of the day

Funny exchange on the most recent episode of The Philly Soccer Show between Greg Orlandini and Mike Servedio:

Greg: I think the loudest people in America, when it comes to soccer, are the people that don’t like it.

Mike: Yeah.

Greg: I think that’s changing. Obviously.

Mike: Thankfully most of those people are dying. They’re old. Sorry. . . .

Greg: I wasn’t going there, but —

Mike: I’m going there!

Greg: Thank you, Mike.


  1. Andy Muenz says:

    Good weekend for the Union with the win and Montreal and DC (and of course New England) losing. It’s still going to be tough to catch Columbus for 4th (especially given the timing of their head to head match up just after the Open Cup final) but they are looking better and better for at least a berth in the playoffs.

  2. Andy Muenz says:

    Seeing the Tannenwald tweet makes me realize even more so how easy it was for the linesman to get it wrong since I was sitting directly in line with the play and I thought live that he was offside.
    As far as people questioning the ref not blowing the play dead, by the time the linesman raised his flag when it was clear Burke was going to play the ball, the play was 30 yards downfield and most people weren’t paying attention to the linesman (again though, I was).

    • Agree. I was there and Burke, for all the world, looked far offside in realtime. I saw the flag as soon as it went up and never left my seat.
      Even seeing the replays shortly after on my phone, Burke looked off to me.
      Happy to be wrong though!

      • And this is where VAR and they way the ref called it really can benefit the game. I agree he totally looked offside in real time but honestly looking at freeze frames it wasn’t that close. It’s such a hard call to make at that speed, with the ball not that close, and with 2 players running in opposite directions.

  3. John O'Donnell Jr says:

    It’s amazing how the Steel are hitting their stride with the influx of players they have brought into the roster this season. Scoring two goals in Nashville is no easy feat as they’ve only given up 18 for the season. Really enjoying ESPN+ replacing MLSLive as more soccer for less is a win win. If you’re not catching a game, they’re worth a watch. With the emergence of Corey Burke, you can see how the Steel can be a huge asset for the Union.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      Didn’t Trusty get a lot of time up there last season too? It’s also a place where people like Herbers and Epps have been able to get some playing time so they have been ready to go when the first team needs them.

      • Trusty was there for two years, basically. 2016 and 2017. 2016 he was an Academy player, 2017, a Union HG.

    • Steel is so important and the organization is going about running it the right way. So far it’s a perfect mix of young guys from the Union, a vet or 2 as necessary, academy/drafted players, and really young foreign (mainly African at this point) players. Plus they can take chances on talent that has been injured like Holness. I’d really like they to get a 3rd division team at some point when it’s created too. You can never have enough levels.

  4. “Psst, Sugarman, see what happens when you spend Blank bucks on serious strikers.” – A lazy, and abjectly stupid “echo chamber” comment to insert.
    Sugarman isn’t Blank and doesn’t have Blank’s money.
    Burke: 7 goals, 7 starts, far less money. So what’s your point?
    I guess if we’re being lazy and stupid, maybe we just project out and assume if Burke gets 36 starts he gets 36 goals. It makes as much sense as lots of money = lots of goals (See David Accam, whose pricely addition nearly everyone heartily approved of)

    • Also, and rather amusing, nearly every “big money” scorer the lazy-asses are whining for started out somewhere on a team like this (or even lower) making peanuts and surprising people until the big teams came and plucked them away (THEN making them a “big money” scorer).
      The vast majority of teams in this league are going to be identifying and developing talent and sending it OUT.
      In this league’s business model, it will be a rare exception for a deep pocketed team to spend big to bring a player IN.
      Either you embrace the fact that this team isn’t going to find it’s success by being a money spender, or maybe you’d be happier watching that thing that involves 70 Cialis commercials (with some occasional “big money” pointy ball mixed in) so you can feel good about life again.

    • “Sugarman isn’t Blank and doesn’t have Blank’s money.” No, really? You don’t say. But he sure takes the fans money willingly enough doesn’t he? Has for 8+ years now. What have they gotten in return? Many different forms of piles of shit on a field. It just seems this year’s pile is a bit shinier than usual and may actually turn into a piece of gold. You may have to excuse some people for being skeptical, you know, history and all that.

      • He doesn’t “take” anything for a fan, the fans buy the product of this MLS franchise.
        Anyone see him shaking a fan down? Anyone report the ‘crime’?
        Again, lazy and abjectly stupid. (And this one is perhaps a bit laughable as well.)

      • Fans appear buy their tickets and merchandise rather willingly (and happily as well) based on my 8 years in the stadium for every home game.
        Sugarman and the FO aren’t ‘out ta getcha’, they want to win too. They just have to do it a different way and it isn’t easy that way.
        If it’s so obvious that Sugarman doesn’t have a cloud of money, why does the author make that comment?

      • Maybe you can’t see from your obscured view seats, but the stands haven’t been that full this year. Seems Sugarman was selling and inferior product wasn’t he?
        See I have this notion, call me crazy, but as a fan if I invest money in a team, there is a reasonable expectation that the owner will do whatever to win. If, as, the owner, he expects to receive (i.e. Take [for those with comprehension problems]) a fan’s money and continue to receive said money, then he should understand he is required to put the best product out on the field.
        So you think Sugarman is doing this for altruistic reasons? Ah to be young again. Psst, Santa Claus and the Easter bunny aren’t real. Ok see there’s this thing called money, it makes the world go round, you might want to look into it. See most people, well all really, who own sports teams want to make money. And, lucky for them, sports teams can make a lot of money. But it takes putting a good product on the field so people feel they are getting something for their hard earned cash. So if, in spending this hard earned cash, they feel they’ve been sold an inferior product, they have EVERY right to complain. I know these are big concepts. I’m sure their understanding is within your reach.

      • Ok, that was hillarious.

  5. Yes the Union will not be big spenders. SKC,RSL,CBUS,FCD, aren’t big money clubs but the all spend on transfer fees. Union do NOT. Union look for players on a free to hopefully make an impact on the roster and fit the system, while clubs I mentioned scout and pay for talented players to fit their club.


    Yes Sugarman probably does want to win, but he’s also been content being mediocre for 8 seasons while putting basically peanuts into the 1st team compared to other non spending clubs. Ownership is just looking to MAXIMIZE profits, and only looking to spend league money on 1st team. So IMO Sugarman is ‘out ta getcha’.


    I won’t be surprised when they sell their first HGP overseas and NONE of the sale goes back into the 1st team.

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