People in the Stadium

People In The Stadium: Dexter Trotter

Photograph Gerald van Wilgen


What is you name?

Dexter Trotter.

Where do you live?

I live in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.

Are you a season ticket holder?

Yes, for two years now.

Why do you come to the Union?

Because I prefer the Union over DC due to the documentary about the Sons of Ben. That’s how it started when I saw that. And also, it’s an easier drive for me.

What do you think of the fans when you see them in real life?

I really like watching them over there.

Are you in the Sons of Ben section?

No, I’m right behind the visitors section.

What was the thing that surprised you most about soccer?

The physicality of it. Something is always going on in soccer, you won’t believe how much more physical it is and how much endurance is needed. I always knew it took a lot of running but not to this extent.

Soccer is not a coach’s game, what do you think about players having to make the game?

It’s definitely the players making things happen on the pitch. But I think it does take some coaching. In Europe they fire coaches within one year. But in American Football they let coaches hang around for a little while.

What do you appreciate about the role of the coach?

I think soccer is very tactical. How they can change the game up on the fly. That’s what I really like about soccer. I just love the tactics of it. That’s what I am learning as I watch more. I watch much more soccer on TV as well.

When you watch the game on the field who do you identify with?

I think I identify with the central midfielder. He’s the one I like to watch. But my son, he plays defense, so I also look at the center backs, how they play. How they’re getting involved.

From the last two years you have been here, what are the stand out moments?

Well it’s been a rough couple of seasons, so no specific stand out moments. I can’t think of nothing that stands out.

What have you learned from watching the game here in respect to talking to your son about soccer?

He likes to play defense and I want him to push up and move forward. So I have him watch the center backs and the left and right backs, how they move forward. Also on the offensive side too. And that’s what I’m trying to get into him, that you can move forward and shouldn’t be sitting back and waiting for them to come to you. You can move forward and be a part of the play and score a goal here and there. 

Who is a player that impresses you?

I like the goalie the best. But I also watch C.J. Sapong. He is one of the best players I have ever seen on the team. I like his tenacity to the ball, you know, willingness to get to the ball.…

(Ed. note: Interview date 5/24/2018)


  1. Wonder whether he still thinks CJ is the best…

  2. Tim Jones says:

    season tickets from Aberdeen, MD.
    that’s a serious commitment.

  3. SilverRey says:

    I love these interviews.
    I tend to live in a soccer bubble and generally hang out with people who have been playing their whole lives, so it’s great to see what motivates other people to come to the games.
    It’s also good to hear real voices of fans come through in these as well. With so much of the coverage going to what’s going on with the team, it’s good to hear about the people around the stadium too.

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