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News roundup: Strike moves, Rooney presser, TFC nightmare, Belgium wins it late, more

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Philadelphia Union

Matt DeGeorge takes a deep dive into the numbers behind the Union’s scoring woes – and why they need to buy a striker this summer – over at The Athletic.

Speaking of, PSP alum Adam Cann breaks down the Union’s, uh, breakdowns versus LAFC and the devastating Sapong miss early in the match.

A look behind the scenes at Sebastian Le Toux’s big day. Merci, Seba.


Wayne Rooney discusses his move to D.C. United.

The continuing mystery of Toronto FC’s title defense gone wrong.

Detroit is reworking their MLS bid to play at Ford Field, home of the NFL’s Detroit Lions.

LAFC’s hat trick hero Adama Diomande headlines the league’s Team of the Week.


A roundup of all the weekend’s top stories, including Bethlehem’s impressive 4-1 drubbing of Charlotte.

Toronto FC II is making the move to USL D3. Rumors are abound that other MLS2 teams will be making a similar jump.

World Cup

Belgium’s incredible counterattack winner was the final kick and the winner after an improbable come-from-behind 3-2 win over Japan. As many have pointed out (including pro intelligent runner Ale Bedoya), Lukaku’s brilliant run pulled Japan’s defense apart without ever once touching the ball. Watch it again and again.

Earlier in the day, Brazil dispatched Mexico 2-0 with goals from Neymar and Roberto Firmino.

Neymar was being dramatic?!? No!


  1. The Truth says:

    Say what you want about Neymar, his antics are a psychological tactic and if you dislike it at face value, you’re sorely missing the point. His flopping and whining frustrate everyone — most importantly his opponents. How annoying is it when your opponent is getting all the calls? How much did you want to beat up your little brother when they tattled on you? You can’t play well when you’re riled up in this way and that’s been proven time and time again. “Losing your cool” is not how you win knockout games. I respect Neymar for being so threatening that opponents have fouled him more than any other player in this tournament. I don’t care for the toxicity he reportedly brings to club locker rooms but you can’t deny the fact he’s been responsible for much of Brazil’s offensive success this go-around. This is the modern era with dozens of HD cameras trained on the players. The haters are mad that a worldly talent is using the high definition drama to his advantage? He ACTS like he’s made of glass and the officials treat him so. A brilliant performance of the highest drama. It’s undeniably entertaining.

    • I’m a subscriber to the art of the dive, but Neymar, for me, just takes it too far. In fact, I think his embellishments have earned him a reputation. If he had been even a little more subtle when his ankle was trod upon, he might have gotten the call. Acting like he’d just been shot in the knee cap didn’t help him.

    • I’ll buy the first guy to break his leg a beer.

    • I’m with Pete on this one. I never had negative feelings about Neymar before; in fact, I bought my kid a Neymar jersey right after he moved to PSG! But watching him in this World Cup has really soured me. His theatrics after after he had his ankle stepped on were so utterly ridiculous that I was rooting for him to not get a call, and I’m glad the officials seem somewhat wise to his nonsense.

  2. except he isn’t getting the calls now because everyone now knows he dives. He is actually not getting calls he should get now.

  3. SilverRey says:

    Detroit what are you doing?! No! Just no!
    No more NFL2MLS!
    No more turf fields!
    Land is as cheap as it’s going to ever be in Detroit. Build your own stadium for the love of soccer!
    Real grass or GTFO!

    • John Ling says:

      I care far more about the real grass thing than the shared stadium thing. That is, I could totally accept a shared stadium if it had real grass. So, yes: Real grass or GTFO.
      That said, I suspect Garber and the other cronies at MLS are willing to accept Detroit’s shitty artificial turf because of money. They clearly desperately want to have billionaire owners when possible.

      • John O'Donnell Jr says:

        I understand the grass field thing but the two most successful teams drawing at the gate don’t play on grass. With that said, I rather see Sacramento and Phoenix get in.

      • SilverRey says:

        And I hate watching games at both stadiums. Seeing the ball bounce up 10′ after a chip = bad soccer.
        They have NFL backing, which = $$ which is absolutely why Don Garber doesn’t care. That is no justification for having to watch soccer on a crap field.

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