People in the Stadium

People in (and around) the stadium: Beth

Photograph Gerald van Wilgen

What is your name?

My name is Beth.

And you are with?

Save Me Rescue in Northern Liberties.

And this is..

This is Snow. And she is a 3 year 9 months old Husky. Available for adoption.

And why are you here?

To find her a home.

Do you come to events like these often?

Yes, I come and show the dogs, for the rescue. I’m a volunteer.

And is this you first soccer game?


Are you a soccer fan?

Oh, I don’t go in there. I just stay out here.

You’re not coming inside?

No, I stay out here with the dogs. (Laughs.) I like dogs, not people.

Have you ever been to a soccer game?

Not unless you count my kids playing them. And that doesn’t count. It’s picking daisies.

It’s still a soccer game.

Yes. So.. Yes I have..

What do you think of soccer?

You can be honest.



It’s a lot of running, and… I know…  People love it. I don’t get it.

Looking back at your kids’ history, anything that stood out?

When they would actually run and score, yeah! It was exciting, but anything your kids do is exciting. It doesn’t matter what they are playing. You know when they weren’t picking the weeds out of the field it was very nice to watch them participate.

Anything you have learned from the game?


There are no redeeming qualities?

They have some hot players.

Here we go, that’s a thing. How about the people around here?

I find the people to be very nice. And I’m not minding all the military right now. That’s some nice eye candy.

Were you able to find any of the dogs a home with the soccer fans?

Yes they have, more than one. We have gotten a lot of exposure by being here today, but also last year a few times. The fans are really enthusiastic and are very interested in them. And yeah, we have gotten some very good luck with finding parents.

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