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News roundup: The knockout stage is set, a new star in MLS, and a trip to Hollywood

Photo courtesy LAFC

Philadelphia Union

Adam Cann breaks down what to expect from LAFC.

Why does everybody want to play with Warren Creavalle?

The Athletic’s Dave Zeitlin tells the story of English as a second language.

Jonathan Tannenwald offers his observations on the Union.

World Cup

Today feels a little weird. It’s the first day without a World Cup game since the tournament opened a few weeks ago. But it does serve to build anticipation. With the group stage concluding yesterday, the bracket is now set for the knockout stages. Who ya got?


Some call it horrific. I call it pragmatic. Either way Japan did just enough of nothing to advance to the Round of 16 with a 1-0 loss to Poland.

The Asian side’s success came at the expense of Senegal, who became the first team in history eliminated by the “fair play” tiebreaker (here’s some better options). Yet if Senegal was able to get a point against Colombia, rather than lose 1-0, tiebreakers wouldn’t have mattered.

With both teams already through, Belgium scored one more goal than England in a game neither team wanted to win.

Conversely, Tunisia ended their run on a positive note with a come-from-behind 2-1 win over Panama.

Upcoming schedule


  • France vs. Argentina: 10am
  • Uruguay vs. Portugal: 2pm


  • Spain vs. Russia: 10am
  • Croatia vs. Denmark: 2pm


  • Brazil vs. Mexico: 10am
  • Belgium vs. Japan: 2pm

Bethlehem Steel host Charlotte Independence tomorrow at 5pm.

Penn FC travel to the midwest to face Indy Eleven Saturday at 7pm.


Wayne Rooney has officially joined MLS with his move to D.C. United.

Atlanta United have a big hole to fill in replacing Darlington Nagbe.

U.S. Soccer

Earnie Stewart has bought some time to find a new head coach. Interim manager Dave Sarachan’s contract was extended through the end of the year.


  1. Andy Muenz says:

    So CONCACAF finished group play with 7 points in 9 games and all 3 teams finished with a negative goal differential. A far cry from 2014 when 3 of 4 teams made the knockout. Given that AFC also only qualified one team (Japan) for the KO and CAF had none go through, it seems hard to justify expanding to 48 teams to give those regions an extra 10 teams when clearly they are significantly weaker than UEFA and CONMEBOL.
    (Yes, I realize that the justification begins and ends with $$$$)

    • Agree. It will be a foregone conclusion that a team like, oh, I dunno, maybe, let’s say…the U.S.A. makes the World Cup every single time. The CONCACAF qualifiers will have no edge to them at all, meaning even fewer opportunities to play meaningful games under pressure, which is the only way to really prepare for a competetive tournament. The weak will get weaker.

  2. Spent the last 4 days in NYC. Very interesting how different the feel is. You could tell the world cup was going on there. Lots of bars, restaurants advertising games. Saw scores of Mexico, Colombia and Brazil jerseys. Even a couple Sweden kits. I saw Portuguese flags and a crowd of young women with the polish red and white flag painted on their cheeks. People were gathered watching the game in Penn Station on a jumbo TV. At the Adidas flagship store, more than 100 people were sitting on bleachers to watch the end of Argentina/Nigeria. The majority were dressed in the albiceleste. A small group of Nigerians in red tour uniforms rooted for the Super Eagles. Now it’s back to work in the Philadelphia region and you would be none the wiser that we’re midway through the international festival of football.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      That’s because New York has no teams left in the US Open Cup so they aren’t focused on that like we are 🙂

    • There’s a disdain for footie in Philly that I really don’t understand. It’s not just a lack of interest, there are actual opponents to it. Why? I don’t get it. Is it b/c Philly is too tough? Too tough for “all that flopping around”?

      • This is the truth, The Truth. While I was at the U.S. Bolivia match last month, a young woman behind me said: “Soccer players are such pansies.” I wanted to ask her why on earth she was even at the game. The basic lack of understanding is really remarkable. And so is the gleeful disdain.

    • NYC is an international city
      Philadelphia is a provincial city (although a bit more international than it was 20 years ago)
      You can feel the difference in football terms, but also in music, theater, film, food, etc.

    • Brauhaus Schmitz, Fado and Tir Na nog still pull in good crowds and watching games there is great fun. You do not see much of WC energy on the street but that’s Philly for you. Tomorrow Philly Unity Cup is showing the 2pm game at the Dell on the big screen. Hope that many ethnic nationalities show up there.

  3. I got Belgium for the World Cup.
    If England wins I will walk directly into the sea never to return.

  4. ” knee surger. ” typo in Cann’s WC article. Not commenting on the Union website it’s easier here.
    edit: otherwise a nice article. I’ve always liked WC. Great pro.

  5. Ha, that was a good one!

  6. All Star Game full roster now out. No Union players selected.
    I would argue that a few of the Union guys are more deserving then some of those on the roster but at the same time, the ASG is a joke anyway so at least we know no one is at risk of getting injured.

    • Nick Fishman says:

      It’s not as bad as I thought it’d be, but it’s a shame the league doesn’t value what Bedoya’s done this season. It would have been tough to get Trusty on there this season, but his time is coming.

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