People in the Stadium

People In (and Around) The Stadium: Roy James


This lot above, photographed about two hours before the game against Orlando,  you will find on Edwards Street, right between West 3rd and Mary. The manager didn’t want to be photographed. He and his wife have welcomed Union fans ever since the first game in June 2010. 

What’s your name?

Roy James

How long have you guys been doing this?

Ever since the soccer thing started.

Is this your property?

Yeah, it’s a friend’s. I sort of manage it for him.

What do you think of the soccer folks?

Oh great! I mean, we got a real good relationship with everyone. I love it.

Do you have a lot of return customers?

Yes. Yes, most of the ones here. We got some new ones now and then, but most are return customers.

How do you think the fans have developed the last eight years.

From as far I can see it’s more family oriented. As you can see now, we have kids that are out playing and we got some that are tailgating. Some have met each other here and seem to be gettin along right real good now.

Are you from Chester?


Do you live here as well?

Yes, yes.

How do you think soccer has impacted the city?

Financially I’m sure it has. I see people who are walking through, who have jobs.  They have the uniforms on, it provided employment for them.

Have the people of Chester opened their hearts for the game of soccer?

[Thinks.] I’m not sure.

Have you ever been to game?

No, I’m always working.

Isn’t there a way you can sneak out some time?

Not really, it’s hard to find someone. And, you know the owners pay me so I’m working when there is a game.

Do you think the economy of Chester has improved the last nine years?

I don’t know how much the soccer stadium generates in taxes, but I’m sure it has improved.

How about the image of Chester, has it improved?

I would say yes, yes.

Have you ever seen people from Chester going to the stadium?

Oh yes I have. I have folks that are parked on my lot that I know are from Chester. I have family and friends that have gone. Yes. I just haven’t gone. Yet.


You’re welcome.

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