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News roundup: North America to host 2026 World Cup

Photo: Paul Rudderow


It’s official. North America has won its joint bid to host the 2026 World Cup. Don’t forget: Philly is one of the finalists to host matches.

More from MLSSoccer.com, MLS Soccer again, Sports Illustrated, and The Guardian.

Philadelphia Union

The Union selected their representative for the 5th annual Special Olympics Unified All-Star Game. Congratulations, Brandon Richards.


With the teams selected, the Philadelphia Unity Cup schedule is out.

The Unity Cup will also be hosting a World Cup watch party.

Bethlehem Steel face Cincinnatti away tonight.

Penn FC topped Richmond Kickers 2-1 last night.

Reading United were victorious as well, defeating Lehigh Valley United.


The MLS Homegrown game will host the UANL champions U-20 Tigres.

Around the globe

With the World Cup coming to North America, Morocco’s World Cup woes continue.

Spain have fired their national team manager Julen Lopetegui heading into this year’s World Cup.

FIFA are looking to cash in on this World Cup, raking in a whopping $6.1 billion.


  1. Andy Muenz says:

    So that means the US will actually qualify for the World Cup in 2026?

    • Bazinga!

    • It actually has not been decided yet as to whether or not there will be automatic bids for the hosts.
      On a side note, CONCACAF will be getting 6.5 spots at that point, so our odds do get better. Can’t necessarily say the same thing about Canada though as they missed out on the Hex.

  2. Pete Mazzaccaro says:

    Two days after I fill out a World Cup bracket that has Spain reaching the final, they go and sack their head coach. Tournament hasn’t even started and mayhem reigns.

    Braco to the US/Mexico/Canada bid. Hoping for a Philadelphia location. Pulisic will be 26.

    • Pete Mazzaccaro says:

      I mean 27. Math is hard.

    • Was this just not another example of Spain over-reacting? So he accepted another job after the WC? Big deal. I don’t get it.

      • Pete Mazzaccaro says:

        I read two stories about it and still can’t understand the issue. A lot of commenters on the Guardian story seem to take Spain’s side in the firing. I guess they’re outraged he spent time doing anything other than preparing the national team for the Cup….

      • Tim Jones says:

        He got triple the salary to go to Real Madrid, according to a blog comment on ESPN early this morning. No idea of accuracy of the remark.
        Why Real Madrid took him now as opposed to after must have something to do with their preferences — club’s and manager’s — to be active in making summer decisions.

      • They are mad because he had just signed a two-year extension to take Spain through to the 2020 Euros.
        There is also the question as to whether he would favor the Real Madrid players on the team over the Barca players (or others) for playing time.
        It does still come off as extremely petty and personal though.

  3. We need an article about the best bars to watch certain teams during the WC. For example, Fado or Tir Na Nog for England games, Brauhaus Schmitz for German games, etc.

  4. Tim Jones says:

    In Re: Steel at Cincy.
    It is on ESPN3 not ESPN+, should anyone be planning to watch.
    It’s the USL game of the week.
    Cincy should be loaded for bear, since the Steel beat them twice last season.

  5. I’m not sure an Irish pub the best choice to watch an England game. Have you ever heard of the “Troubles?”

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