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News Roundup: Union are Canada’s top hangover cure

Photo by Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

Whatever problems Toronto is having this season, beating the Union isn’t one of them.

Local and Canadian coverage.

The Disciplinary Committee has issued an additional fine to Alejandro Bedoya for failing to leave the field in a timely manner after his red card vs. Atlanta. Okay, sure.

In the same link it’s mentioned that the DisCo has issued the Union a warning for mass confrontation in the same game. Again, sure. But somehow Medunjanin is getting away with head butting a ref without an additional fine or suspension?


Penn FC beat Toronto FC II thanks to a late penalty kick.

Bethlehem Steel FC held USL champs Louisville City to a scoreless draw.

Ironically the Ocean City Nor’easters had to wait out a rain delay before beating Virginia’s Evergreen FC 1-0.

Regional amateur teams, including Derrick Jones’ former Junior Lone Star FC and 2017 US Open Cup sweethearts Christos FC, will now have a new level of competition in the Northeast Elite Soccer League.


Columbus is at the forefront of a new wave of US cities no longer giving billionaires free money for stadiums. Hopefully it works out for them. #SaveTheCrew

We’re talking about Toronto as a “hangover”, but the conversation about Seattle is that their time might be over.

These sources must be using a geological time scale, if they’re able to claim that Rooney-DC talks are “progressing”.

In an announcement on Manchester City’s website it was revealed that Patrick Vieira would be leaving New York to take the long-rumored job at Nice. Not only is it rough for NYCFC that the announcement is on Man City’s page, but he’s taking Assistant Coach Christian Lattanzio, Performance Coach Kristian Wilson, and Physical Performance Coach Matt Cook with him.

Alphonso Davies to Beşiktaş?


Australian Clare Polkinghorne to Houston Dash.

Six games have been moved from afternoon on Lifetime to evening kickoffs on ESPN News. The league hopes this will improve attendance and ratings.

US Soccer

A late(-ish) goal means the USMNT only got a draw, but considering France wasn’t pulling any punches and this was a very young US team, this could be the first reason for optimism in months.

With Namibia and South Africa breaking continental solidarity to back the United 2026 Bid, and US overseas territories being allowed to vote, there’s reason for US/Mexico/Canada fans to be optimistic going in to Wednesday’s vote.

Some alternative-timeline speculation from Julie Foudy and Brandi Chastain about what the world would be like if China had won the 1999 World Cup.


England 2 – 0 Costa Rica.

[.pdf Link] FIFA is tweaking the math for how they calculate their rankings, borrowing even more from the Elo method, while putting more emphasis on knockout wins, while devaluing friendlies and issuing no penalty for losing a knockout game.

Gonna go ahead and blame this one on Times Square rather than American soccer ignorance.

In response to the ongoing conflict in his country, Ukrainian artist Andriy Yermolenko has made a series of alternative Russia 2018 posters.


  1. “Whatever problems Toronto is having this season, beating the Union isn’t one of them” Union beat themselves: bad line-up by Curtin, unable to finish relative easy 1-1s with the goalie, multiple good crosses that went to waste because CJ does not know where to be, etc.
    Happy to have DirecTV and being able to watch the Xtra shows: good way to get psyched for the WC. Brauhaus Schmitz is now charging entry… $10. Will find on Sunday whether it is worth it.

    • I agree, the result was so disappointing. Nothing Curtin did in that game worked. This was a chance to really make that next step and we failed again.

      • If your sole criterion — and James you are clear and open that for you it seems to be — is winning.
        I actually enjoyed watching a lot of the match for the challenge the Union was offering a very good side, but like Jonathan Tannenwald’s quip about giving thanks for the miracle when good soccer is being played.
        At times, it was good. At other times there were mistakes and a better quality side punished them.
        Do I have faith McKenzie will learn from his? Yes, but I freely admit I am biased in his favor.
        Rosenberry’s was boneheaded, but let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
        I certainly cannot. I forgot Derrick Jones was Ghanaian last Friday.

      • We took it too them pretty good for the entire first half so something was working. The game plan all year has clearly been to attack hard early and try and get up, unfortunately we can’t finish for our life so we rarely get up. Sapong is the main root of the problem though. Dude has been absolutely horrible is basically every aspect this year.

  2. Interesting article in yesterdays Inquirer. Does not affect me since I have DirecTV: http://www.philly.com/philly/business/comcast/comcast-bein-sports-european-nbc-fcc-20180606.html

    • This is very interesting. I always wondered why BeIN was only in SD. I’m in favor of whatever gets more games on tv, and in HD, but I’m not sure how Comcast can say this isn’t done purposely.

  3. Buccistick says:

    While on the subject … have any of you DirecTV customers with 4K sets watched Premiership matches at that resolution?

  4. Interesting choice of graphics for the open cup game. Think this means this would be the starters for open cup going forward and CJ/Fafa/McKenzie continue to start league games? It would be very Curtin.

    • Interesting thought. Using Accam v. NYRB would make sense if the purpose is to try to get him out of his funk.
      Keeping Cory Burke fit and sharp makes excellent sense.
      Against Bradley Wright Phillips’s pace, I would want McKenzie’s pace. A gesture of faith after the Toronto mistake would be good, it seems to me, but I am biased in McKenzie’s favor.

      • Great One says:

        I agree McKenzie should start based on pace. This is also what Curtin specifically stated. The other thought is that Trusty would sit, which I think is what happened Tuesday. playing the same lineup would fit past years of Curtin leadership in the OSOC

  5. In re: headline.

    We are Toronto’s top hangover cure, no question.
    For Montreal’s hangover we were like the SoBs big bass drum pounding away next door the next morning.
    As for the ‘Caps, who knows?

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