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News roundup: Stewart is USMNT GM, NWSL TV schedule, World Cup bits

Philadelphia Union

Earnie Stewart is officially now the U.S. men’s soccer team’s first general manager. Read about it at PSPPhilly.com, Delco Times, New York Times, and Angel Du$t.

Philly.com spoke with Union chairman Jay Sugarman about the news.

Here’s PSP’s Dan Walsh writing about Stewart’s legacy with the Union.

MLS’ preview of Friday night’s match.

ICYMI: It’s Always Soccer in Philadelphia had an excellent interview with Sebastien Le Toux. The Union Soccer Podcast have a new episode up too. And the Philly Soccer Show should drop sometime today.


Brotherly Game recaps some recent matches.

The draw event for the 2018 Philadelphia International Unity Cup takes place today at 11 a.m. at the Independence Visitor Center.


LAFC were not allowed to sign Walker Zimmerman to TAM deal.


U.S. Open Cup action here.

New Mexico becomes the fifth new club set to play in the USL in 2019 as the league continues its expansion in the South and Southwest.

The National Women’s Soccer League released its updated TV schedule.

Around the globe

Manchester United signed a Porto right back for five years and £19 million.

The Guardian judges the Premier League’s 2016-2017 finances.

World Cup

José Mourinho makes some predictions.

How a BBC crew was followed.

The Australian government is boycotting it.

A 70-year-old German football fan is driving a tractor to Russia at 19 miles per hour. That’s crazy, dawg.

Sports Illustrated examines the little country that could: Iceland. If you don’t feel like dealing with that free trial, you could check out the New York Times‘ piece from 2016.

Hope Solo will serve as an analyst on Irish TV.

Highlight of the day

With Toronto coming to town, I’ve been thinking about this old skit from the Canadian comedy troupe Kids In The Hall. Play the Kids!


  1. As an aside, how are things on the technical side going? I notice I have been seeing some weird issues where my comments don’t always show up recently.

  2. Tim Jones says:

    I would also recommend the interview Adam Cann has with owner Richie Graham, the Academy’s founder, who I believe recently increased his family’s ownership stake.
    here is the link https://www.philadelphiaunion.com/post/2018/06/06/interview-owner-richie-graham?autoplay=true
    Sorry I don’t know how to make the link “clickable”.

  3. Andy Muenz says:

    Union host NJPC in the next round of the Open Cup and, if they win, they host the winner of DC-Orlando.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Any idea when the game will be?

      • curtin just said it will be on the 16th in his presser. one of the few weekend open cup games you’ll ever see

      • Andy Muenz says:

        I was afraid that it would be on the 16th since that means two of the fans from the Richmond game won’t be there (we planned our vacation to occur during the break). However, from a team standpoint, the 16th makes more sense since NJ will be on 3 days rest compared to the Union having 8 days. Hopefully, the Union will schedule it in the heat of the afternoon to further wear down NJ.

    • The best thing about the Open Cup is how we somehow consistently get to do something negative to NYRB.

  4. Never thought I’d see a Kids In the Hall reference here – thanks for the laugh

  5. el Pachyderm says:

    Barca announce Abidal as Sporting Director.
    Why couldn’t we get him?

  6. Bedoya red card appeal was denied. I guess we’ll see either Creavalle-Jones or Creavalle-Fontana tomorrow night…

  7. UnionGoal says:

    I appreciate that the daily roundups include NWSL. I thank you.
    To all the commentators that ignore womens soccer until their world cup or Hope Solo is in the news, grab your youtube and watch some video of Rachel Daly scoring thhis year. Might change your opinion.
    I would love for union to bring in an nwsl team for doubleheader or weekends union are away. Keeps the stadium doing more soccer related events and club as a whole would benefit.

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