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News roundup: More double red news, Open Cup 4th round, and pay-to-play’s racial implications

Photo: Jim Stapp, Prost Amerika

Philadelphia Union

Will the floodgates open soon for Union?

Jim Curtin dropping truth bombs at yesterday’s press session.

Borek Dockal was in the arc when Josef Martinez actually took his PK.

Saturday’s melee really screwed up Curtin’s squad rotation plans for the Open Cup.

Union brace for more fallout if it’s judged Haris Medunjanin spit on referee Sorin Stoica.

If you can get past the paywall: What does the meltdown in ATL spell for the Union?

Join the Sons of Ben at Pints Fur Pets – there will be good causes and beer!

An Open Cup preview from tonight’s foe, Richmond Kickers.

Bethlehem Steel

More on Steel’s big comeback win over the weekend and other notes from USL.

U.S. Open Cup

Cue the big boys and a solid preview of all 4th round action in the U.S. Open Cup this week.

2018 is FC Cincinnati’s last go as a David before they become a Goliath.

But is more pressure on Minnesota United when they visit MLS’ newest expansion team?


11 talking points from the week that was in MLS.

Seattle is off to their worst start in their MLS franchise history! (Sorry, this gives me great joy.)


Get the full rundown of all the weekend action in NWSL.

U.S. Soccer

ABSOLUTELY MUST READ: How race made un-level playing fields for young American soccer players.


  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but the next match in Talen that Stoica is calling, I’m picturing a tifo of Cartman in a referee outfit, pointing to his badge and shouting, “You will respect my authori-tay!”

  2. Side bonus to all this – Ale & Harris will be starting the Open Cup game tonight….

  3. There’s a helluva piece on The Ringer dissecting the USMNT failure to make the World Cup. Indictments of Gulati and Klinsmann in particular. No one is spared.

    Interesting news as well on Loris Karius apparently suffering a concussion when Sergio Ramos elbowed him on the side of the head moments before his disastrously bobbled pass was deflected into goal by Benzema. I don’t think it’s an excuse so much as an interesting factor.

    Stoica should be relentlessly mocked the next time he sets foot in Talen.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      the concussion report is interesting and one can paling argue something was amiss with the keeper.
      Also worth noting the concussion report is from a New England Hospital, home of John Henry, Home of Red Sox, Home of Liverpool owner.
      This little connection from a mind more entwined online than mine with this stuff.

    • I don’t make much of the doctor/hospital link other than that Karius probably got good treatment there. I don’t think doctors would sign a false concussion report, particularly when it’s ultimately meaningless. It’s not like UEFA are going to order a do-over of the CL final. At best it provides a modicum of cover for Karius, who will likely and justifiably still lose his starting job if his club can sign better.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        agree….. the benefit of hindsight being what it is…. unfortunately the only real mistake Karius made was getting up after Ramos elbowed him.
        should of flailed and dived and feigned injury…
        when people argue about divers being cheaters, the entire reason diving exists is to force the referee to call the game properly even if it is over the top theatrical…it is nearly always that a foul has indeed occurred…. Ramos would likely have been ejected upon further review.
        …then not been able to act nefariously upon Salah as well. Then maybe Liverpool goes on to win 3-0 as they seemed intent upon doing.
        Sergio…can’t stand him, but would take him in a heartbeat.

      • Agree on all counts. So many who don’t know the sport assume footballers are wimps, but if they don’t “sell” legitimate fouls, they might not get the call.

  4. Mark Zolandz says:

    I like Dockal standing inside the arc for the penalty. Just daring Stoica to hand out another card…..

  5. That last line on the Curtin “truth-bomb” is awesome. Big middle finger to the ref. The whole quote is a big middle finger to league while still be reasonable. It’s perfect.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      I’m still in awe of the … “what if we are a good team,” statement.
      Liking some of the skippers words lately.

    • I believe that sealed a fine. But agree with it needs to be done. He could have dropped a “This is MLS, we need to be better.” or something along those lines. Kinda guilt tripping into improving. But being the Union doesn’t help either.

  6. I’m not sure taking field times from some kids and giving it to others is the answer. But, you do have to help the underserved and poorer kids, you just have to. I’m not an expert on anything, but it seems to me like it’s a good thing that there are so many kids who want to play that there aren’t enough fields. Is there a way to make more fields? Let poorer and more well off kids practice together? There has to be a way to accommodate and grow a huge number of kids who love soccer.

  7. Wasn’t it like a week ago now that we heard the announcement of USSF’s GM was imminent?

    • I’m really starting to believe they wanted Stewart as a total figurehead. No real authority or power. Maybe he’s been fighting for some. Rightfully so mind you.

  8. Andy Muenz says:

    Here’s my choice for a starting 11 tonight (hoping that Bedoya’s second card gets overturned). I believe open cup games are limited to 5 International players on the 18.
    McCarthy, Rosenberry, Elliott(I), Marquez, Real, Jones, Medunjanin(I), Herbers(I), Fontana, Accam, Simpson(I).
    Bench: McGuire, Gaddis, Trusty, Bedoya, Najem, Ilsinho(I), Sapong.

    • I don’t think Herbers or Ilsinho count as internationals since they have Green Cards..
      I agree generally with this lineup (not so sure about Simpson). Hope we do get some of these young players out there that we haven’t seen much of yet, at least 3-4.

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