People in the Stadium

People in the stadium: Mandy Rodriguez

Photo: Gerard Van Wilgen

Let’s start off with your name?

Mandy Rodriguez.

Mandy Rodriguez?


Where are you from?

Philly, Philadelphia.

And why are you here?

To watch the game and enjoy the Armed Services Night.

You were invited for this?


What is your relationship with soccer?

Uuuhh.. I mean, I don’t really have a tight relationship with soccer, but I do play for fun.

What do you like about the game?

The physicality, the talent that some of the guys have, I mean the rush that it gives me.

Do you play pick-up or do you play league?

I just play pick-up.

What are your expectations?

For us to go out with a strong mind and defeat these guys like any other time we would.

What is your job in the Army?

I’m a human resource specialist.

Where are you stationed?

Indian Town Gap.

Where’s that?

That’s towards Lebanon Valley, like towards Hersey Park.

How many people are you here with?

Just with my mother.

You were invited?

We were invited for the Armed Service flag detail.

Why you specifically?

They just needed select volunteers to sign up so I just signed up to come out.

Why haven’t you been here before?

Uhm… I guess I’m new to the soccer thing, so I just wanted to come out and experience it for the first time.

Are there any soccer memories you enjoy?

I mean, I am more into it when it is in Spanish. You get more, you enjoy it more, the yelling, the excitement that it brings in Spanish, but, yeah that’s what I look forward to.

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  1. OneManWolfpack says:

    Thank you for your service… I hope you enjoyed the game!

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