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News roundup: Union crush Chicago, Sons of Ben prez steps down, Real Madrid manager-less

Philadelphia Union

Thanks to goals by Ilsinho, Burke, and Dockal, the Union beat Chicago, 3-1, giving the boys in blue and gold a positive result for a fourth straight match. (Alan Gordon soiled the clean sheet.) Match report here and postgame show here. And here’s what Adam Cann had to say about the win.

Despite the win, Curtin opined that it was the team’s worst performance at home. A win’s a win, Jimmy boy.

Villanova men’s basketball team was at Talen last night.

Sons of Ben’s president is stepping down.


Atlantic City FC lost to NJ Copa FC, 1-0.

Monmouth Generals FC owner to launch soccer-only streaming service.

Reading United off to 3-0 start in league play; red card sinks Ocean City.

Penn FC still has some spots open for its free youth clinic this Saturday.


There were three other matches last night:

  • New England 1-1 Atlanta
  • RSL 2-1 Houston
  • Galaxy 2-3 Dallas

Five things to know about FC Cincinnati joining MLS.

MLS will hit point of diminishing returns if the league doesn’t embrace change.

Pretty good Atlanta podcast with Matt Doyle, I say.

U.S. Soccer

How the USWNT scouts and recalls players.

Has the USMNT lost its fight?

Mexico plays more games on U.S. soil than it does at home, and it regularly outdraws the USMNT. It’s North America’s only team in the World Cup, and its fandom north of the border is only growing.

Around the globe

Zinedine Zidane says he is stepping down as Real Madrid boss, five days after leading them to a third straight Champions League triumph, claiming the club needs “a different voice”.

Frank Lampard appointed as Derby’s manager on three-year contract.

Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah will play in World Cup. I’ll believe when I see it.

Speaking of the World Cup, here’s the complete TV schedule.


  1. Andy Muenz says:

    Good to see that according to that schedule all of the games from Russia are on either FOX or FS1. I thought I had read that some of the games were going to be on FS2 which I don’t have access to.

  2. Dear Zizou, I have a new challenge for you. It’s at a little ne’er-do-well club about 10 miles south of Philadelphia, in and old industrial shell of a city called Chester. It doesn’t have the best players, but you’ll never have to again be subject to the whinging and sniffling of fancy-haired pretty boys like Ronaldo and Bale. I know winning three Champion’s Leagues in a row was tough, but they’re not nearly as impressive a feat as it would be to guide the Union to an MLS Cup. Or even a Lamar Hunt US Open Cup. Think about it….

    • Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Love it. Never. Ever. You can just imagine the steam coming out of his ears after about 1 day of seeing how things are run around here.

    • He can even recruit Lewandowski to come to Philly with him!

    • Yes to Lewandowski! … And if Sugarman says we can’t afford him, Zizou can remind him of how he handled affairs when Marco Materazzi said something he didn’t like in ’06.

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        I will head butt you if you don’t hire me and then pay for Robert Lewandowski. It’s really a full proof plan!!

  3. Smart move. Zizou gets to enjoy a Ronaldo-free, Bale-free summer. Then he’ll take over managing France following their shocking second round loss to Iceland in the WC.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      I’m on the record arguing if France get on field leadership, they make a deep run (I actually think they are going to win), if leadership (which is always THE central issue for Les Bleu) holds them back, your point could quite possibly be spot on.
      I actually think Zidane will land at Paris St Germain.

  4. el Pachyderm says:

    imagine, winning the most prestigious tournament on the continent three years running, then stepping aside—— so the club can win.

    • Pfft, more like the team is old and needs a complete rebuild and he doesn’t want to be there for that. They finished third in La Liga, and not even close to Barca. They may have had the guile to win Champions League (which I’m pretty sure they could do in their sleep at this point) but La Liga is a different story.
      I take nothing away from his accomplishments. He deserves them. But let’s not believe the spin too much. The next manager who comes in has a tough job and so does the board to revamp this roster. For Zidane it has become a win win situation. If the next manager fails everyone will say “if only Zizou was here..”. If the next guy does well he can say “Look I was right. Real needed new blood to succeed. ” He’d be right. Either way he wins. Shrewd move, yes. Self-sacrificing, not so much.

      • Zidane has always seemed like a stand up guy. Team first and all that. I wonder if he is just fed up with the primadonnas at Real (here’s looking at you Bale and CR) pouting and signaling they are not happy directly after winning the Champions League. Having to spend half of his first news conference after the win discussing whether CR is happpy/leaving/etc. What else has he got to prove that would be worth putting up with guys that are not about the team first. Also, Zidane looked great playing for the blue, white, and red. He would look better as a coach of the red, white and blue. (The last sentence was sarcasm/wishful thinking/does anyone have his number?)

      • I didn’t say he had anything to prove. I also don’t doubt dealing with primadonnas can be a headache. That’s not really martyrdom though. That’s spin, coach speak, if you will.

  5. John O'Donnell Jr says:

    Is it just me or with every day that passes, does it seem like the USMNT GM job won’t be happening for Ernie Stewart? Starting to get the idea it’s more of a figurehead position and Ernie isn’t willing to take that without any real ability to incorporate change.

    • Last reports were that the final hurdle is the USSF’s compensation to the Union to buy out the remainder of Earnie’s contract.

  6. Crazy idea that will never happen: Klinsmann for Union sporting director. That’s all.

    • What’s the worst that can happen? Trade away a fan favorite player twice instead of bringing him to the world cup?

  7. Scottymac says:

    Why give that twitter bro/rel hack Kartik a shout out link? Is PSP now picking sides? Weird for a pro MLS site.

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