People in the Stadium

People In The Stadium, Episode 4: Chris Morris

Photograph Gerald van Wilgen


Give me your name.

Chris Morris.

Where do you live?

Pitman, New Jersey.

Are you a season ticket holder?


For how long?

Uuh.. Since the beginning.

And what made you sign up in the first place?

Just grass-roots interests, I was a coach at High School and I play.  This is a chance to see professional soccer in my back yard.

What makes you come back?

(Laughs) Friends! You know, win or lose, it’s always a good time with friends.

What moments  stick out for you?

The championship game for the US Open Cup was electric, everyone chanting. I remember being in the Sons of Ben section when we scored in extra time against Chicago and then they scored to tie it up in extra time, so yeah…

What is your personal history with soccer?

I started playing as a young kid. Then played in college in Elizabethtown and ended up coaching a varsity team in New Jersey, and playing in the South Jersey Master’s men’s league.

What did you learn from looking at the Union?

What I learned? Well, you know, I think we learn from soccer that there’s fans out there who want to come see them. I think they are developing a program that seems to be what it should be with the facility on site and  adding Bethlehem Steel. As a player I think we sometimes learn that even when our record is challenging that there is a quality of play  and there are certainly players we have had throughout the years  who are worth watching and worth learning from.

Who is your most memorable player?

Well currently it’s Andre Blake, he is awesome.

Personal all-time favorite?

All-time? Well I don’t know… I loved K.C. Keller. But that’s two goaltenders.


I watched the FA Cup today but I don’t really follow that – because I can’t go.


  1. OneManWolfpack says:

    Looks like a Lot A guy! Nice… unpaved 4 life!!! Lot A forever!!!

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