Postgame / Video

PSP Postgame Show: Union 4-1 Real Salt Lake

Video by  215 Pix and Ryan Griffith.

PSP postgame wrap-up

Steven Whisler and Nick Fishman analyze the 4-1 win.

Postgame press conference with Jim Curtin

Player interviews

Marcus Epps


Alejandro Bedoya

Fan interviews after the game

PSP talked with Union fans after the match. Here’s what they had to say.

ICYMI: Pregame fan interviews

Also, here’s what Union fans had to say before the game kicked off.


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  1. “What if we are a good team?”

    Love that quote.

    Amusing that Ernie and Nick played at DC the same time.

  2. Love Ale’s interview. Not happy after a win. These guys can be a playoff team.

  3. The Truth says:

    “It’s always 0-0 [no matter the score].” Great mindset, Marcus. He really proved himself out there. Really well done.

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