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News Roundup: Union win, Rooney to DC uncertainty, and HSV relegated

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Philadelphia Union

The Union won! It came against a floundering Montreal, but hey!

The local (English language) announcers were not impressed with referee Kevin Stott.

Local, Canadian, national, and national coverage of the game.

Read PSP alum Adam Cann’s postgame analysis over at the Union website.


Bethlehem Steel FC took a trip down to Charleston SC and lost to the Battery 2-1

The Ocean City Nor’Easters won their third straight on PDL opening day.

And Reading United came from behind to beat Lehigh Valley United.


Columbus’s Wil Trapp has secured a Greek passport. No word yet of a pending move to Europe, so maybe he’s just preparing for a vacation in Mykonos? #SaveTheCrew

Chicago goalkeeper Richard Sánchez is headed to Millwall, pending medical.

North Carolina MLS expansion bid update.

Even the UK isn’t sure about Rooney to DC United.

Probably the quickest use of VAR.

When LA Galaxy travelled to Dallas, they brought some merch with them.

I don’t think Will Johnson is happy about that call.

This is how a fanbase reacted to not winning a seventh game in a row. Oh sweet summer child, what do you know about not winning?

To their credit Orlando City is working to make sure “Florida Fan” doesn’t become the new “Florida Man”.


The league has been without a commissioner for over a year. Probably should do something about that.

North Carolina is already banking on playing too well to get a good draft pick.

The Reign has been on the road for a while, but clearly felt right at home on their first game back in Seattle.

US Soccer

Tim Howard on retirement, failing to make the World Cup, and the future.

Your annual dose of US Open Cup history.

Matt Miazga has made a good impression in the Netherlands.

Borussia Dortmund and (probably) Christian Pulisic will play in the Champions League next season.

Danny Williams (and David Wagner) will be in the Premier League next season.

The Guardian had a chat with DeAndre Yedlin before he became just the fourth American to start thirty games in a Premier League Season.


Hamburger SV has been relegated. Fans are not happy.

San Antonio isn’t in the running for MLS anymore. But maybe Liga MX?

Klinsmann to Pachuca? That’ll make their match against Club León must-watch TV.

Unsurprisingly, Mo Salah was named Premier League Player of the Season.

Well, Beitar is no stranger to controversy.


  1. BSFC remind me of the Union. Look the better team early, some good chances and combinations. But also missed passes and players not on the same page.

    Eventually their attacking pace slows down, the other team scores, and the game is over.

    • Honest question, should we be worried about the team and the fact that they are bottom dwelling right now too? I know the idea is a few diamonds in the rough and otherwise just game time for the Steel, but there are a bunch of Union guys there.

      • No. Im on the boat of not really caring about position. Of course I want and expect eventually BSFC to become good, but getting kids pro playing time is the #1 priority of the team.

        You see it paying dividends with Trusty and Jones (despite Curtin not realizing we could use a real 6 on the first team) and Real and McKenzie and Fontana too, so I think so far its been great.

        Plus the reality is that currently, most of the “Union” guys who are there are the ones who aren’t good enough for MLS and probably won’t ever be like Herbers and Najem. The other type of “Union Guy” on the team are the young kids.

      • I’m with James here…. Results for Steel are not important.

      • Yeah I would tend to agree. I’d like to see Loren of the games to have a feel for how some guys are coming along.

  2. “Oh sweet summer child”, I love the GOT reference

  3. el Pachyderm says:

    Could you imagine walking into The Linc and seeing an Emmitt Smith jersey for sale?
    The Yankees selling a Nomar Garciaparra jersey.
    Sydney Crosby sweater on the second floor of Wells.
    It is a disgrace. It is shameless. It is why this is an impossiblity to take seriously.

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