MLS players union releases salary numbers

photo: Paul Rudderow

The MLS Player’s Union released 2018 salary information for every player across the league on Thursday.

Look for plenty of commentary soon, but here’s how things look for the Union this season by the numbers:

First Name Last Name Position Base Salary Total Compensation
Borek Dockal M $1,714,285.68 $1,714,285.68
David Accam F-M $1,250,000.04 $1,250,000.04
Alejandro Bedoya M $1,200,000.00 $1,266,250.00
Jay Simpson F $580,008.00 $623,341.33
CJ Sapong F $525,000.00 $525,000.00
Haris Medunjanin M $500,004.00 $545,004.00
Andre Blake GK $450,000.00 $500,000.00
Ilson Dias M $300,000.00 $327,000.00
Raymon Gaddis D $180,000.00 $182,500.00
Fabinho Alves Macedo D $153,000.00 $153,000.00
Richie Marquez D $145,000.00 $151,430.00
Warren Creavalle M $140,000.00 $153,000.00
Joshua Yaro D $140,000.00 $224,000.00
Fafa Picault F $135,000.00 $148,666.67
Keegan Rosenberry D $114,950.00 $120,762.50
Fabian Herbers F-M $100,008.00 $100,008.00
John McCarthy GK $95,000.00 $104,250.00
Auston Trusty D $80,000.00 $109,100.00
Adam Najem M $71,500.04 $71,500.04
Derrick Jones M $70,000.00 $75,900.00
Eric Ayuk M $68,906.25 $68,906.25
Cory Burke F $67,500.00 $71,223.75
Olivier Mbaizo D $67,500.00 $67,500.00
Anthony Fontana M $65,004.00 $73,421.60
Jack Elliott D $59,629.50 $59,629.50
Marcus Epps M $55,654.20 $55,654.20
Jake McGuire GK $55,654.20 $55,654.20
Mark McKenzie D $54,500.04 $64,500.04
Matthew Real D $54,500.04 $54,500.04


  1. So Jay Simpson makes almost $100k more than CJ, but current minutes played are 39 v. 805. Wow

    • To be fare to Simpson, he doesn’t choose the lineup. I don’t think anyone could make a convincing case the Simpson would or could be any worse than what we have going on right now at Striker.

      • I agree. My wow was just as much that Earnie is spending a lot of money on a guy that doesn’t play. That has to be, at least, a disconnect between GM and coach. Especially on a team with 5 goals in 9 games

      • The Chief says:

        Pete I beg to differe. Simpson has done literally nothing for our team besides the fact that you seem to be ignorant of how our team plays. Regardless of whether it’s right or not, we like to go route 1 and Simpson wouldn’t help us out at all. Nice try. Oh and the fact that Sapong had a record amount of goals last season

      • Chief, I don’t disagree, but people act like Simpson deliberately came here to sit on a bench and get overpaid. Again, he was the opening day starter last season until he punctured his lung. CJ earned his time, but tell me this: Why is CJ allowed to go for months with poor scoring tallies, but Simpson gets a half in an Open Cup game, fails to score and is promptly buried in the depth chart. I don’t think Curtin knows how to use his best weapons. He manages system first, rather than finding the best system for the tools he has.

    • Erines Stewart WINS LOSSES AND TIES as of this date………..,Ernie Started his Job for the Union in 2016…….His job was announced in October 2015. I am putting all decisions on player roster decisions on him as of that date.. He came to Philly with reputation of putting together winning teams and spending ” money wisely”.




      Could have kept Barnetta here at least 2 more years with a good salary increase. This was the teams biggest loss. Putting this one on Sugarman also.

      Signing Jay Simpson

      Not Keeping LE Toux. I realize he was not producing what he did in his first few years but you took away the face of this franchise.

      Roland Alberg signed him could not figure how best to use him then realized his worth as a goal score in game situations released him and never signed antother player with his qualities.

      Signing David Accam reults so far

      Signing Borek Dockal results so far

      Harris M gave the team some nice assists and direct kicks in the past but he has no legs at all now.

      Bedoya paid a lot for someone who is a good team player and leader but did he ever fit in on any roster or formation Curtin put out there.? Better off as coach of a future Union Team when we are purchased by Comcast( just a wish)

      Ilisnio only current player with the moves the wisdom and playmaking ability on the team, Just a ahame it is packaged in a 35+ year old aging injury prone body.

      The entire minor developmental program. Being generous here maybe 1 player in 20 will make and START on an MLS roster someday, somewhere some year

      Well there you go. That puts Ernie at…… O wins ….6 losses and 4 ties come to think of it …Sounds a lot liketheir current record……. and I think I was being generous. What do you think?

      • el Pachyderm says:

        Jack Elliot, Bedoya, Ilsinho, Trusty (thus far) are Wins.
        Roland Alberg scored goals on a team that can’t score goals…. Tie (at least).
        Simpson. One MLS start. One Goal. Tie.
        the greater point to my response? Having him for ZERO wins is disingenuous.

  2. Dockal is on loan. Is the Union paying that whole salary? My guess is that China is paying a good part of that salary. If the Union are paying the whole ticket, it’s an appalling signing. And would be exhibit A1 in an indictment of Stewart.

    • Colin J. Henderson says:

      After 7 games I wouldn’t call it a failure yet

    • I’m not calling it a failure. It’s an outrageous salary for a 30+-year-old midfielder. He costs nearly twice what a proven US player (e.g.Lee Nguyen) costs. Stewart was billed as a money ball player. This is as far away from money ball as you could get. This is a Sakiewicz signing. We’re paying more than $3.5 million for this midfield. Are you kidding me?

      • i can’t put it all on ES. these three midfielders players have talent and have pedigrees. where is Curtin in all of this?

        since i cant name a single good thing Curtin has brought out of this team with his tactics, EVER, I am much more likely to believe Curtin simply doesnt know how to use his pieces.

      • The Chief says:

        He’s actually under 30 not 30+, but I agree the salaries are messed up.

      • I gotta figure if we had just thrown that money at the Revs back in Jan. we could have convinced Freidel to sell even though it’s the same conference.
        Lee is really exactly what we needed, would have had a full preseason and slotted right in. Stewart (and certainly Albright) have not figured out MLS yet.

    • Ordinarily I remind people that foreign transfers often take a long time to adapt to MLS — the physicality, the travel, the culture, etc.

      Except A) Somehow the Central and South American signings for teams like Atlanta don’t seem to have any such problems; and B) Dockal has been so incredibly bad that I’m not sure he has any excuses. I mean, we’re talking about ONE match out of seven in which he’s been a positive at all.

  3. $1.345 million per goal so far from the top 5. Over the course of the full season? About $560,000 per goal. Oh, same numbers for assists since the top 5 only have 4 of these as well.

    Moneyball indeed Earnie, moneyball indeed.

  4. OneManWolfpack says:

    What is going on with the entire organization? Everything is just so wrong right now.

  5. List by team of total compensation

    1. Toronto FC $ 26,167,498.70
    2. LA Galaxy $ 17,502,008.30
    3. New York City FC $ 14,147,632.75
    4. Chicago Fire $ 13,824,204.42
    5. LAFC $ 13,432,052.70
    6. Portland Timbers $ 12,763,842.70
    7. Montreal Impact $ 12,008,040.51
    8. Atlanta United $ 11,487,148.49
    9. Seattle Sounders FC $ 11,376,125.37
    10. Real Salt Lake $ 11,049,415.56
    11. Colorado Rapids $ 11,001,331.46
    12. FC Dallas $ 9,333,819.28
    13. Sporting Kansas City $ 9,176,166.46
    14. Orlando City SC $ 8,981,657.52
    15. Philadelphia Union $ 8,915,987.84
    16. Minnesota United $ 8,235,682.50
    17. Vancouver Whitecaps $ 8,233,011.71
    18. New York Red Bulls $ 8,056,605.65
    19. San Jose Earthquakes $ 7,787,252.58
    20. Columbus Crew $ 6,971,083.47
    21. New England Revolution $ 6,818,556.10
    22. DC United $ 6,744,419.63
    23. Houston Dynamo $ 5,740,971.63

  6. The Truth says:

    No shockers, just the typical face-palm. Ilson still making 300k ? Give me a break, his agent must have naked photos of Albright’s wife. Rosenberry still making less than Gaddis has to stem from the twitter doghouse disaster. Ughhhh

    • Caveat is that this is base and guaranteed. I do not believe it includes performance-based bonuses.
      So, for example, Gaddis may make more base salary but Rosenberry may bring home more at the end of the season for hitting any appearance/starts/minutes bonuses since he is the starter.

  7. el Pachyderm says:

    boy why would a player ever choose MLS over UNC for $80,000 or $54,000.
    My heavens…. well at least Don Garber makes $12,000,000 a year.

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