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News roundup: Curtin’s presser, controversial UCL ending, more

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

Union head coach PSP.

The Union are getting a mascot.


NYCFC crushed Real Salt Lake at Yankee Stadium 4-0 to remain undefeated.

ICYMI: Mario Balotelli may be on his way to MLS via D.C. United.

L.A. Galaxy have signed Ola Kamara to a three year deal.


The USMNT have climbed one spot in the world rankings to reach 24.

Around the globe

Champions League roundup:

The International Champions Cup will add a women’s event this summer.

Here’s a good piece from The Guardian on how Middlesbrough is reaching out to refugees.


  1. I don’t think my heart can handle a league with both Zlatan and Mario Balotelli in it.

  2. I can only imagine the mascots suggestions the team is getting.

    • Cliff, the Union Cliff of Despair

    • I guarantee you there was no groundswell of support for a new mascot just like there was no great clamoring to change our jersey design.

      And unless the mascot is a bad acid trip of pure snake headed nightmare fuel I refuse to support it or even acknowledge it in any way.

      • I’m pretty sure the mascot will either be a snake, or a bobble head looking Ben Franklin.

      • Or a bridge troll.

      • I’m pretty sure I remember the SOB threatening a walk-out unless we got a Chief Tattoo Artist though…
        I want to see a Conan the Barbarian style Thulsa Doom Snake Priest be our mascot so we can see him transform on the field!!

    • The only two Union mascots I’ll accept are Mark’s suggested Cliffy the Cliff of Union Despair or Union Hulk. I’m not morally opposed to mascots, but I’d just rather not. Next thing you know, we’ll have cheerleaders and projectile hot dogs.

      • Zizouisgod says:

        Union Hulk would be the only mascot that I can get behind (especially if he speaks in broken english with an outrageous loud voice).

        Or maybe we create Bimbo Man who could be modeled after Duff Man from the Simpsons.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        How about one of the Seven Duff’s like Surly? “Hey, Surly looks out for only one guy…Surly.”

      • Punchy the Bear hasn’t had a gig in years.

      • Zizouisgod says:

        Hehe, Surly would be most appropriate of the Seven Duffs for the Union fanbase.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        Union Hulk….. fucking brilliant. The season is four games old and you’ve won PSP for the year.

      • The Chopper says:

        I could support the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. He fits the Union perfectly and is an unemployed veteran.

      • Cheerleaders wearing BIMBO jerseys might generate a whole lot more media attention than Union currently receive as 6th major sport of Philly.

      • Beembo Man and the Beembo’s?

    • The video is nice, though. And there likely wasn’t much support for the mascot, but the same could be said for the 76er’s Franklin and he’s turned out alright. As long as it’s creative I’m fine with it, like the Phanatic. It’s for the kids, and frankly IF it brings more families to the park (not suggesting it will, though) then go right ahead.

  3. ICYMI: something familiar about the new 76ers slogan and image, I’m not sure, can anyone help me?

  4. el Pachyderm says:

    mascot. one more MLS gimmick. but the kiddos will like it so I’m all for it.
    We’re talking about Mascots.
    Oh my.
    in other news, I nominate the mascot to be.
    I am Citizen Insane.

  5. The Union mascot? How about a Sun Rocket?

    Frankly, I would prefer that they spent the money for development of the mascot to bring in some higher priced talent. Or, to pay Earnie to shift from the lone striker formation. Either way, it strikes me that it is not the peripherals that the kids are missing (the mascot, the drum line, the cheerleaders and hot-dog guns that were identified above) but the excitement of a few goals being scored by an offense that is not counting on lucky bounces from the too crowded box for a poached goal.

  6. the new 76ers slogan and image look familiar, I’m not sure, can anyone help me?
    (I’d link to the sixers homepage but PSP does not want me to)

    • It’s always gonna be similar when playing on the “Join or Die” Independence themes. It’s the true identity of the city, but they use “Unite or Die” and they have the severed snake of Ben’s “Don’t Tread On Me” cartoon so I think it’s all good. I love that Philly has an identity like that to promote and tie-in, and I think it even adds to that because both teams use those ideas in their themes.

  7. the reality is they have an empty stadium and most likely the same tomorrow night and need something to get butt in seats. mascot will be the warmest guy in the stadium the first six weeks of the season and for those playoff games at the end of…

    oh, i forgot for a moment who we were talking about.

    • Here’s an easy suggestion to get butts in the seats: Free parking to anyone with a ticket in hand. I’d probably go to games on a whim if I knew I wouldn’t have to shell out another $20 for a dirt lot. Maybe they don’t have enough parking spaces for that to be feasible…. If not, make it $5.

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