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All Three Points podcast: The Jim Curtin Doomsday Clock

So, the season has begun and the Union . . . well . . . they were mediocre. Not bad, exactly, but not great, either. Chris and Jeremy break down the win versus New England, draw against Columbus, and the dispiriting loss away to Colorado, then dive into the offense’s woes, give a verdict on the youngest defense in the league, and introduce a new segment: The Jim Curtin Doomsday Clock!

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  1. Here is a transcription of a eGlobesport interview with Orlando owner Flavio Augusto da Silva which lays out his take on being an owner in MLS.
    Multiple times he mentions that the on the field product has little to do with running the team as a business, or determining it’s success. This disconnect between owner and the essence of soccer is rearing it’s head here in Philly. It’s certainly a huge issue with everything that’s going on in Columbus.
    In any case, it’s a little disheartening, and makes you realize that these guys might be in this for all the wrong reasons. And that it may not change any time soon.

  2. Tim Jones says:

    “Arsenal fans in England were dealing with the rich man’s version of this problem.”
    Arsenal is paying off its stadium. That will limit its resources, as buying out the retired general in Cincinnati to gain full control of the club limited the Bengals drastically.
    A fundamental question to ask is how liquid are the assets of a Real Estate Investment Trust owner? Liquidity, not total quantity.

  3. John Harris says:

    The portion where you talk about the doomsday clock should be required listening for all Union fans. The rest was very good but dealt with more temporal issues.

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