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News Roundup: Philadelphia wins, Edu in LA, and Johannsson gets some minutes

Photo by Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

The Union are now still (thanks Roger) the only team in Philadelphia without a championship win. That includes the Arena Football League’s Philadelphia Soul, the National Lacrosse League’s Philadelphia Wings, and Major League Ultimate’s Philadelphia Spinners.

In the first preseason scrimmage, the Union drew twice and lost once against Red Bulls.

Two unnamed mystery trialists are with the team for preaseason.

The search for a 10 isn’t over yet!

More details on the Accam trade, including quotes from David as to why he joined the Union.


Obviously people in Ohio don’t want the Crew to move to Texas, but some people in Austin feel the same way too. #SaveTheCrew

Maybe this loss will motivate the Krafts to readjust their priorities? Probably not. But maybe.

Mo Edu spotted in LA wearing black and gold.

FC Dallas spoiled their own jersey reveal.

Groups opposed to Miami’s proposed MLS stadium in Overtown have resorted to some seriously sketchy methods.

US Soccer

“Husband of World Cup Winner Julie Ertz wins Regional Sports Trophy”.

Kenny Saief is healthy and looking to get back into the mix with the USMNT.

Cameron Carter-Vickers named to (a) Championship Team of the Week.

Aron Johannsson played a significant part in Bremen turning it around to beat Schalke 2-1.

Rubio Rubin to Club Tijuana.

Leroux to Orlando Pride.


The Brits try to talk about football.

Özil is staying with Arsenal.

Alexis Sanchez’s first appearance for Manchester United was underwhelming.

Millwall signs an exciting Australian prospect.

Maybe part of the problem is that that’s too low a number to be the most in three seasons.


  1. Pete Mazzaccaro says:

    From the Delco times blog: ” The lack of a No. 10 was the defining struggle of the Union’s 2017 failures. It has been highlighted since last fall as the issue. And to not add a playmaker in the offseason will not only be a missed opportunity after the astute acquisition of David Accam, but will leave the club open to all manner of anger from a fan base starved of success and excitement.” — Yup.

    Still struggling to grasp Liverpool’s defeat at the hands of referee Jon Moss and assistant Eddie Smart. I can concede the fact that Liverpool probably didn’t deserve more than a draw given it’s inability to move the ball through midfield for the whole second half, but Salah was robbed of an amazing, heroic goal. My regard for the Spurs is less today than yesterday. A dive-y bunch who definitely got away with one. If you haven’t seen Salah’s second goal, go find it. It’s transcendent.

    • Yes on all counts Liverpool. Salah was the Egyptian Messi on that goal.

    • What did they get away with?

      Lamela was kicked in the back of the leg. It is a foul regardless of where it takes place.

      or PK awarded to Kane?

      Which didn’t impact the outcome of the game.

      Liverpool was the one lucky to get a point.

      • Pete Mazzaccaro says:

        Both of Liverpool’s goals came from the run of play. Spurs scored a miracle goal and on a penalty in the 94th minute. Like I said, probably a deserved draw based on possession. But that first penalty absolutely should have been offside. I know it’s up to interpretation, but Lovren’s flailing attempt to clear that through ball was not an intentional back pass, putting Kane onside. I’ll die on that hill. And on the second, I’ll concede there was contact and that the offside call was close, but Van Dijk’s kick was not enough to make Lamela look like he’d been shot in the back. In regular time, not slow motion, it looks like nothing. I’m not going to cry about conspiracies or anything, but it’s not a way for a match to be decided. And the Spurs are divey. I get it. It’s a way to win, but they about as blatant about it as anyone I’ve ever seen.

    • I’m a Spurs fan…and I’m embarrassed. I saw plenty of clips, and both plays were dives. Disgraceful.
      But that Wayama shot was insane. And Salah managed to make a lot of people look stupid all at once.

  2. Roger Allaway says:

    The Union were already the only team in town without a championship win. This was the Eagles’ fourth NFL championship, not their first.

  3. If I were the coach of this team, I would start only 10 players in the first game and leave the CAM spot empty in protest. How can you go 3-4 windows without filling the most important position on the field?!?

    • Come on they’re still looking, but they also believe the young kids can get it done, but the kids have to be the best practicer to play in he games, but the kids and academy are the teams identity, but they might get a #10 in the next window…… Union speak….

  4. In order to play “kids” you must have a coaching system that will teach them how to play, what to do. This defender coach has no clue or personality on how to teach attacking systems. There will be no development of skills here , no matter how many cones you set up . Since there is no relegation, what is the downside of playing the kids ? Just letting the kids play will do very little to improve the quality of the product. And so it goes round and round. You must teach them how to fish in order to improve, as the old saying goes.

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