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News Roundup: Union men on national team duty, the Crew Seek investors in Ohio, and a rough weekend for women’s soccer

Photo credit: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

C.J. Sapong and Haris Medunjanin started for their respective national teams in last night’s USMNT vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina friendly.

If seeing the first robin of the year marks the start of spring, the first bubble photo of the year marks the start of pre-season.


Penn FC (née City Islanders) have revealed their inaugural kit. Quick take: abundant sponsor logos are the worst part of Liga MX uniforms, but if it keeps lower-division independent soccer alive so be it.

Villanova grad and Sounders draftee Chris Bared is looking forward to earning his keep in preseason.


Anthony Precourt is (finally) talking to local investors in Columbus. #SaveTheCrew

David Villa is still quite the salesman for the league (Google Translate).

This summer the Chicago Fire will be facing Bayern Munich in Allianz Arena in a Bastian Schweinsteiger testimonial match.

The Rapids have named Ena Patel their director of player personnel, making her the highest-ranked female executive in MLS.

US Soccer

“There’s an interest” for promotion and relegation with Division 2 and new Division 3.

Mix Diskerud has signed with Manchester City. Click the link even if it’s just so you can read The Post’s headline.

Last night’s Camp Cupcake friendly was “unremarkable“. But our boys still did okay in the player ratings.

It was a tough weekend for women’s soccer, with the NWSL’s Boston Breakers folding. Players, including USWNT up-and-comer Rose Lavelle and Canadian Allysha Chapman, will be available for a dispersal draft happening Tuesday.

Also, Mexico beat the USWNT U-20s in a shootout.


Former Sounder Joevin Jones is made a big splash minutes into his debut for Darmstadt.

Ronaldo to Chelsea?

Aubameyang to Arsenal?

Cavani passes Zlatan to become PSG’s all-time leading scorer.

Fidel Castro never tried out for the Senators, but this almost did happen.

It’s not the Cup of Nations, but the African Nations Championship still has plenty to make it worth paying attention to.


  1. I get that you can’t just put out an ENTIRE young team, but why use these 27-30 something guys getting their 1-5th caps? Clearly they didn’t have it and maybe they’re playing they’re absolutely best ball at the moment, but it’s likely to fall back to the mean, especially as they age. I would much rather see the young guys get most of the minutes, and the veterans be guys who have been in that spot internationally before and can help mentor. I know this was mostly stateside players and it means nothing, but I just wish we’d put more focus on the future and put the pressure in the younger guys to see who can handle it.

  2. Anthony Precourt is (finally) talking to local investors in Columbus. #SaveTheCrew
    The summary, as I see it at least: Austin is now balking at the idea of paying the ransom, and so Precourt is returning to Columbus with his proverbial tail between his legs.
    Hopefully this scumbbag carpetbagger-wannabe ends up selling rather than taking on “investors.”

    • When I read this, my thought was he is just trying to use Columbus further to get a better deal from Austin.

      • John P. O'Donnell Jr says:

        I always thought it was just the opposite. Using Austin to get investors and the city to help him improve his franchise. It also sets up Austin for a expansion city with MLS declaring after 28 because of the increased DEMAND MLS will expand to 32.

      • Could be either, honestly. Or, just as likely, it could be both. Precourt wouldn’t be the first owner to play two (or more) cities against one another, and simply taking whatever deal is the best in the end.
        That said, I do tend toward John O’s reading of it. Austin balked, and so Precourt now needs the best deal he can get from Columbus. Austin, meanwhile, is poised to ride the expansion wave – hopefully as one of teams 25-28, rather than as yet another push – this time to 32.
        As I said above, hopefully the net result is that Precourt sells and the Crew stay put, where they belong. Maybe as part of his terms for selling, MLS gives him a sweet deal on an Austin expansion option or something. And if so, hopefully it doesn’t drag on nearly as long as Bekham’s Miami fiasco…

    • Austin has been listed as a USL expansion franchise for 2019 for some time now.

  3. I love the width/proportions of the center stripe on the new secondary Penn FC shirt. Wish the Union had done that on their new primary jersey instead of solid blue. I never loved the Union’s traditional center stripe, but I understand those that wanted to keep it. This would have been a great way to keep the stripe without it looking like an afterthought. Maybe even switch to navy in the center stripe area for the logo and gold on the sleeves and sides.

  4. Pete Mazzaccaro says:

    How about those Zlatan to Galaxy rumors? It appears he’s a free transfer to any club that waits till June. But is he a good idea? At 36, he’s not going to do wonders for the argument that MLS isn’t a retirement league, even though I suspect he’ll score goals for fun. Also, I’m having a real hard time understanding how Sigi Schmidt can coach the guy. I would think the only men he might listen to in MLS would be Martino and Vieira. Emphasis on the might.

  5. Sugarman spend any of his money yet? No…?



    • Pete Mazzaccaro says:

      Euro Transfer window closes on Wed….

      • Only for transfers to Europe. We can get players from Europe after that. Still they are waiting too long as usual.

      • Pete Mazzaccaro says:

        Right. After the deadline, we’re talking about Euro surplus. Jay Simpson….

      • Haris Medunjanin’s signing was announced January 31st last season.
        The club had already gone to Florida but only just.
        I agree these things take too much time.
        MLS with think the Miami announcement much more important that approving roster moves.

    • Union tweeted out “32 more days” for season opener. I read it as “32 days before those of you holding out for a #10 decide if you step foot into Talen this season”

  6. NWSL: sorry to see yet another club fold in the young league. Sadder still, Tannenwald saying we have zero investment interest here in philly for a club.

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