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News roundup: Dre to stay, Union hire coaches, MLS activity

Photo: Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union

Union sign Andre Blake to extension. Possibly for three yearsCliff Notes version.

They finally hired a couple of coaches. Another funny quip from Matt De George.

Single-match tickets go on sale Jan. 23rd.

Brotherly Game asks, “Should the Union make a move for Lee Nguyen?”


Schweinsteiger re-signs with the Fire.

The Whitecaps’ Andrew Jacobson retires after 10-year career. Trivia time.

Speaking of the ‘Caps, Fredy Montero signs with Portugal’s Sporting CP.

Revs’ Friedel on Nguyen: “Lee’s not being traded.”

LAFC sign midfielder Mallace.

Timbers officially sign Peruvian winger Polo.

Pontius heading to LA Galaxy?

Why talented foreign players won’t be drafted in MLS.

Bobby Warshaw’s thoughts on Landon Donovan.

With no World Cup, Jozy Altidore shifts focus.


Penn FC’s Ropapa Mensah signs with Nashville SC.

Indy Eleven hires former Vancouver Whitecaps coach Martin Rennie.

USL earns second division status for 2018.

U.S. Soccer

The “old boys club”: How U.S. Soccer ignores talented players from underserved communities.

Around the globe

FA Cup action: Chelsea beat Norwich in shootout, but Pedro and Morata sent off.

Sánchez-Mkhitaryan deal “likely to happen”, says Arsène Wenger.

Why don’t Madrid buy the world’s best anymore?

Piotr Nowak officially done at Lechia Gdańsk.

Which soccer leagues should you be watching more?


  1. John P. O'Donnell Jr says:

    With all the exciting news today about the Union….oh wait. Chances they sellout the home opener on March 3rd seem unlikely. I wonder what that stadium will look like if nothing changes with no significant player signings?

  2. “Brotherly Game asks, “Should the Union make a move for Lee Nguyen?””
    Short answer: hell, yes!

    • No thank you. Young DP signing from SA instead please.

      • I’m working on the assumption that either Najem or Fontana will be ready to take over in a few years. To me, anyway, Nguyen makes a very nice bridge from the present to the near future, especially given that his contract contains options for ’19 and ’20, granting the club flexibility as to when they hand over the reins.
        Now, maybe Najem and Fontana both suck and will never play significant minutes. If so, then I agree with you about going and getting a young DP from SA.

      • IMO, too soon to draw that conclusion about Fontana or Najem.
        Najem proved himself effective at the USL level. This year he has the adjustment from college to pro under his belt, and it is time for him to prove substantial progress at the MLS level.
        Fontana has to prove consistent quality at the USL level this season. They think he will because they signed him to an HG contract, but he hasn’t done it yet. He has to do it before he can be discussed as a legitimate MLS prospect.

    • New England’s Brad Friedel says Nguyen is staying put. I think he’d be a great Plan B. If you couldn’t find a really quality #10, you sign Nguyen to give you another year or 2 to find someone. He’s long been a favorite player of mine in this league. To be honest, my expectations for what this team is going to accomplish before the season begins is extraordinarily low. I’ll take just about anything right now.

      • It’s possible – maybe even likely – that Friedel is just posturing. “Well, gee. We don’t want to trade Lee. He’s great. But hey, if your offer blows us away…”

    • John P. O'Donnell Jr says:

      Rev’s already said he’s staying put.

  3. OneManWolfpack says:

    JUST SIGN OR TRADE FOR SOMEONE. YOUR CURRENT ROSTER IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. HOW IS IT JANUARY 18 AND WE HAVE THE SAME TEAM AS LAST YEAR?!?! (sorry, caps were necessary – this team makes me want to f’n scream)

  4. i’d watch some other foreign leagues. i somehow fell into the Russian Premiere League awhile back. caught a few matches from them. it’d be nice if a network picked up a “best of the rest” schedule. one game (or more) from leagues around the world not signed to a major deal. there’s a FIFA-literate audience that have latched onto a team or homesick fan finding pirate streams online.
    always happy when more soccer is on.

  5. el Pachyderm says:

    Anyone listen to Wynalda’s town hall?
    anyone just listen to Kathy Carter?
    Oh my…we are so fucked if she wins… literally on the record as saying, “I’m unfamiliar with youth soccer,” among other interesting points of view.
    sun’s out.

    • Hate to tell you, she will be the next President.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        Lalas: “”Are you in favor of unbundling the MLS from the Men’s National Team?”
        Carter: “I am in favor of what generates the most revenue for our sport, full stop. Our business is our sport and our sport is our business.”
        Guy says he wrote it down as it was coming out of her mouth. Confirms this is a direct quote from the candidate by a question from A.Lalas

      • Welcome to the new boss. Same as the ol’ boss.

      • Hope Solo.
        Sunil and rest are boring. Hope will never be boring.
        USMNT qualifiers showed we must not be boring any more.
        Hope Solo

    • I have not seen much reporting on what how all these state-level soccer associations feel about the current state of affairs. The candidacies of Martino and Wynalda indicate a level of frustration with the status quo, but what that level is isn’t clear. MLS clearly benefits from the status quo. But what about all the other organizations that have delegates?

    • Is she able to learn new things? Are any of them able to learn new things?
      Since none of them have done it before, all of them have to learn new things.
      The best candidate is the one with the best track rcord of having done so.

  6. I almost don’t want a SA #10. Obviously I’d take one, but honestly we’d just be behind the ball and following again. This team is so bereft of ingenuity and resources, from the owner down to the coach. It’s getting more depressing as we go.
    Seriously does anyone doubt that we will be getting another Simpson and Winjaldum signing and acting like they’re a great addition?
    The worst part is that I don’t even think Curtin would play the right guys if he was given them. Depressing
    From the foreign player draft pick article “With MLS teams now having upwards of $4 million in targeted allocation money to spend on players, along with the three designated player slots, it’s possible for teams to fill all eight of their international roster spots with players who cost $1 million or more in salary.”.
    This is where the league is moving towards and the Union will never keep up.

  7. Matthew Real HG signing now official.

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