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News Roundup: Union not yet out of the draft, LAFC’s suspiciously thin roster, plus Christian Pulisic auf Deutsch

Image courtesy of LAFC.

Philadelphia Union

Don’t plan on skipping the draft just yet, as reports have it that the Union are bargaining for a top-three pick.

But Taylor Twellman makes the very good point that a draft pick fails to fulfil the promises Union officials have made to fans.


The future still isn’t clear in Ohio, but fans are still fighting to keep their team. #SaveTheCrew

With training starting a week from today, LAFC has just eleven players on their roster.

The South Florida expansion bid figurehead-ed by David Beckham may, finally, make an announcement. But don’t hold your breath.

Meanwhile three other MLS Expansion hopefuls are being given time to get their ducks in a row.

US Soccer

Not only has he managed to improve his play significnatly, but Christian Pulisic’s German has improved significantly as well!

Hopefully his “muscular problem” doesn’t keep him down too long.

Bill Simmons interviewed USSF presidential candidate Kathy Carter on his podcast.


Man City’s unbeaten streak is over as Liverpool managed to light them up. Don’t feel too bad though, City scored two in the dying minutes of the game to make it a competitive looking 4-3.

Bournemouth beat Arsenal, for the first time ever.

German fans playing capture the flag.

Özil to Juve?

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