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News roundup: Curtin a Hall of Famer, MLS trades, Carli Lloyd makes cut

Philadelphia Union

Jim Curtin will be inducted into Villanova’s Hall of Fame.

What the Union sees as their key dates in Clearwater.

Former Union youth coach’s prospects at Penn State.


ICYMI: Ocean City Nor’easters tryouts are postponed because of expected weather. Ironic?


D.C. United acquired David Ousted’s rights from the Vancouver Whitecaps. Bill Hamid’s boots are gonna be tough to fill. . . .

Speaking of Vancouver, Jordan Harvey is officially with LAFC now. Enjoy driving on the nightmare that is the 405, Harvey!

Sporting KC trade Benny Feilhaber to LAFC for $400K in allocation moolah.

Orlando sign Dwyer to a three-year contract. And there’s a report of another big signing for Orlando.

Analysis of the Sacha Kljestan trade, and his response on moving to Orlando.

FC Dallas sign 19th Homegrown. (cough, cough)

Red Bulls sign a Homegrown too. And they’ve dissed one of their supporter groups.

RSL sign Spanish forward.

Bastian Schweinsteiger will probably return to Chicago Fire as a DP. Fingers crossed we get to see him play this year in Chester.

MLS has five teams in the top 30 of the Soccerex Football Finance 100 list.

Complete MLS schedule out today at 2 PM.

MLS draft plays diminishing role.


Carli Lloyd, Julie Ertz on first U.S. women’s soccer team roster of 2018. Go Carli, go Carli, go Carli!

US Coaches CEO: “We need to start thinking about youth soccer in a different way.

Grant Wahl article on U.S. Soccer presidential candidate Eric Wynalda.

Around the globe

Arsenal and Chelsea draw 2-2. Wenger calls penalty “farcical”.

Critics say FIFA is stalling a doping inquiry as World Cup nears.

The weird and wonderful world of Cristiano Ronaldo’s endorsements.


  1. Even though he may be a bit of an a-hole, could Feilhaber have been a #10 for the Union on the cheap? At least to give a semblance that an effort is being made?

    • As far as the second part goes, that’s irrelevant to me. Though yes Cryharder could have been that #10. It would have been a bit underwhelming though.

    • Zizouisgod says:

      I think that he would have slotted in well with the Union’s midfield. He plays as a 10, but in SKC’s system, everyone had to defend so he’s more than capable in that area.

      I would venture that the Union wouldn’t have even considered it because he “wouldn’t have been a good fit in their locker room.”

  2. The news roundups are more depressing as a union fan every day.

    • I just laugh at this point. It’s better than crying.

    • Every day we get a taste of who we could have had…
      The sad thing is that I think the majority of these moves are within our reach – even with Sugarman’s tight purse strings.
      If only we had a guy with a vision of what this team could look like. (Can you tell I’m starting to slip off the Ernie bandwagon?)

  3. Anyone know what GSU did to get removed from the official supporters list? Just curious.

  4. “While some things are not possible, providing Earnie and our technical staff the money needed to build a cohesive team with sufficient firepower to win an MLS Cup is possible and he would not have come without that commitment from ownership.” – 5/4/17


    This joker still hasn’t proved it.

  5. There’s the story about Sugarman selling $1.2 million in stock…. did the same before signing Bedoya. There was a rumor last night about a Chilean #10, thought it’s really lose. Talk is LAFC and Cruz Azul are in for the same kid. I wish this team would hire a bloody scout for South America already. If you want to have a team that plays money(cheap a$$)ball, I would think you get a lot more for your Sugarbucks in South America than in Europe.

  6. Ouch. That analysis of the RB trade and exploration of their whole organizational philosphy. Painful as a Union fan. Want. Want want want. (sigh) Won’t get. (frown)

  7. OneManWolfpack says:

    Can anyone explain the lack of inter-MLS (or is it “intra” – I don’t know) moves this team makes? Bringing in pieces from all over the world is fine and necessary, but to me the way the good teams do it – it’s a mix of MLS vets, “big” money DPs, and a few in between. I’m not making any new ground with that I know, but we consistently do NOT acquire guys in the league already. I don’t get it. Then we have to integrate them to the league and the team… and then we have the same conversation every May about how they “aren’t used to things yet… and it takes time to gel.” WTF

    • That’s a good question I’m not sure there’s less inter league action than other leagues. I only follow the EPL on a serious level and each team probably moves one or two players in league every season. … City got Walker from Spurs, United Matic from Chelsea and Lukaku from Everton, Chelsea Drinkwater from Leicester, etc. Every team seems to grab one or two players in league. Seems like there’s been plenty of MLS to MLS moves — Kamara, Feilhaber, KLjestan moved since the offseason began…. but you’re right in that a lot of teams see answers outside the league rather than in. I feel like that’s probably the right answer in that 500,000 to $1 million on a SA player will probably pay off more. It would be interesting for a national writer to talk to sporting directors/DMs around the league to see what their take is.

      • Just realized I wasn’t reading carefully. You’re talking our team…. That I can’t answer at all.

    • I can’t explain it. Stewart would have to. Hackworth consistently found good value within the league.

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        I agree. And I think there is value for a team like ours which doesn’t/won’t/can’t spend the big money – other than maybe one time a season. Homegrowns + DP (preferably 3 but at least 2) + proven in league vets = the way the Union should be built.

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