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News roundup: Union gunning for Polish CB?, Bayern after American teen, Brian to Lyon, more

Photo courtesy of  Zagłębie Lubin.

Happy New Year, PSP fam! May 2018 be incredibly good to everyone.

Philadelphia Union

Finally, a transfer rumor! The Union are reportedly after young Polish centerback Jaroslaw Jach. The move would reportedly cost Philadelphia $2.4m to purchase Jach from his current club Zagłębie Lubin, plus another $1.2m in salary.

While defense is one of the team’s deepest position, the rumor seems to make sense with Earnie Stewart’s appetite for a left-footed centerback.


With the January transfer window now open, the rumors and signings are coming in hot-and-heavy across the league.

NYCFC sign Paraguayan midfielder Jesus Medina as a Young DP.

Bayern Munich look set to nab 16-year-old Real Salt Lake starlet Taylor Booth.

Is the Red Bulls’ strategy the new norm for MLS?


USWNT star Morgan Brian is on her way from Cbicago Red Stars to French powerhouse Olympique Lyonnais.

U.S. Soccer

Have adults ruined children’s sports?

Around the globe

While other leagues slept, it was another busy weekend in the Premier League.

Man City was nearly handed their first defeat of the season, but Crystal Palace blew it.


  1. Is Kljestan a worthy investment? He’s a real #10, and even if he has a dip in production (a dip from the BEST assist man over the past 3 seasons is still pretty good) he’s better than anything we have. McCarty was motivated after moving on from NY, maybe Kljestan could do the same. If the price is right – would you do it?

    • Kljestan is definitely quality. Given his age, I think I’d be happy with him as a bridge. I have no doubt he’s got a couple really quality years left in the tank. Would I prefer him over a big money signing? I don’t think so. But if the Union decided to use its budget on a high quality winger and left back, I would give the team the benefit of the doubt.

    • I think so, yes. He’s a proven commodity who’s demonstrated results at a position of need. Perhaps they have a better lead somewhere else, but he’d clearly be an upgrade for us for these next couple of years if the price is right.

    • Old Soccer Coach says:

      I would be somewhat surprised to find Red Bull’s dealing A difference maker to the Union, unless the Union had something they really wanted in return.
      There is a rivalry to consider, one that definitely exists from the receiving team’s point of view.

      • They dealt Dax to Chicago, so it’s not that far fetched. They won’t consider a rivalry. I think they’ll go with whoever offers them the best deal (and that’s the main reason I’d rule the Union out).

      • Yea I think the rivalry thing is played up too much. If they are willing to move him I think the offer matters more than the team who is sending it. The question is, do the Union have enough to make a competitive offer – and if so, will Stewart do that?

      • Atomic Spartan says:

        The rivalry is a one way street. RB do not regard U as a rival yet, and for good reason

      • I honestly don’t think the Red Bulls consider the Union a “rival”. More of a “little brother who mom makes you play with” or “the annoying kid down the street you have to invite to your birthday party.”
        Once the Union win something and show some year-to-year consistency, then the “rivalry” tag will apply to more than just the SoB vs. (whatever their group is called)

    • If he was less than a DP I’d take him.

    • I would take Kljestan in a hot minute. He is a quality player. If they have a line on somebody overseas, fine. But if not, he’s a guy who could run the offense and run it well. I’d even be willing to overlook his horrible mustache.

    • Reports have Kljestan to Orlando a done deal.

  2. I can’t wrap my head around the idea of the Union making its biggest player investment to date on a center back. If this were another team — one with ambitions and $5 to $7 million to spend — I’d believe it. Dare I hope this team is willing to spend big relative to its prior track record? I dunno. Having a hard time with that.

    • Honestly, can’t you believe it? This would be the most Union thing to do. We have a few decent to good CB already on the roster at relatively low cost points, so why not go spend our most money ever on a CB?
      This is not a league where spending so much money on a CB makes sense. He would have to be the greatest defender in the league by far. You need to spend DO money on difference making offensive or two way players. Defenders, especially CBs can be found at much lower price points.
      This move would only be good if it was accompanied by 2 other major spending moves on a winger and of course a number 10.

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        The Brotherly Game author called the move “unlikely” in his analysis.
        If you are a Polish player with interest from Italy and Germany, why do you come to MLS and it’s salary cap?
        I can imagine reasons, but they are not conventional Soccer busisiness ones.

      • At least it’s not a goalie?

      • This could pave the way for moving a CB like Marquez or Yaro to acquire a #10 or another player of need. If the player is an upgrade over the current players then he is a worthy investment, and they can figure out how to handle the over-flow afterwards. Better to have 3 starters for 2 positions than none, as in the case of many positions in Union history.
        In regards to the salary cap that doesn’t restrict how much players can make, only what counts against the cap – a player can still make $10 million as long as the team can buy down enough of that salary to fit under the cap using their own funds or GAM & TAM. And there is a precedence for coming here over other offers, and I assume the appeal of consistent playing time and the lifestyle are contributing factors. Is the appeal of making an 18 but not paying in Europe out-rank starting consistently in a growing league in America?

      • Man, I hope Stewart is not that dumb. I did say here that I thought the baseline spending for this club to be competitive was $5 million. And I think that’s the necessary outlay to compete for a 5th or 6th place position. Maybe we;ll all be surprised and this club will scale that financial hurdle…. I’m not counting on it, but welcome the chance to be proven wrong.

      • I don’t inherently dislike upgrading a defensive position. I don’t like it with this specific team and league. Do you truly believe the Union would spend this money and then ALSO spend more on a #10 or other position of need?
        The other issue is, and I don’t personally know the history, that there don’t seem to be huge trades within teams for massive difference makers like the Union need. If Marquez/Yaro can provide a solid starting and competing winger then that’s great, but a difference maker is still needed.

      • Great One, I totally agree. If Stewart actually did this, it would tell me he’s learned nothing about this league. It really would be so Union.

    • If you squint you can see it. We have more young CB’s than he can possibly develop and more holes to fill than a few big signings will handle. We keep 2 deal the rest and settle the backline in what will be a very promising on paper
      ??/Jach/Yaro?Elliot?whomever?/Rosenberry formation. We get stability in the back line in front of Blake. Get a 10 and whatever else. It’s not an unthinkable scenario.

      • Our d as a whole has always looked a lot better with a vet in the center organizing things (Edu/Gooch). There’s a reason Marquez looked good when he played next to Edu and then bad when he was paired with Yaro. I think getting a young vet at CB could upgrade the entire D. That said a 10 and a winger are more important and I’ll believe they are spending money when I see it.

      • Maybe they think Ilshino, Picault, Ayuk Herbers, and Epps is enough for a winger?
        Maybe They will put Bedoya on the Wing and get a defensive midfielder an easier and cheaper get.
        Either way we still need a 10

      • Sieve, I actually like the idea of putting Bedoya on the wing and playing Jones alongside Haris. Not that Earnie ever asks me for my opinion, unfortunately.

      • I really think bedoya is an 8, period. Let him do what he’s good at for this team. Get a winger with speed,and someone bit more attacking oriented for the formation we play.

  3. This wouldn’t make sense to me either. You have Yaro and Elliot who are pretty decent CBs. Elliot looks promising and Yaro has the awareness , vision, ball control and distribution like no other defender on the team. I believe he is something special but i won’t be surprised if he doesn’t get the minutes deserved. They need a forward who can support sapong and a # 10. I wouldn’t be disappointed acquiring Klestjan. He is a top CM in the league and would be one of the best the Union ever had and is a game changer.

    • Is Yaro too injury prone?
      Is Elliot a flash in the pan? (no Union rookie has ever put in 2 good seasons in a row)
      Can Marquez eat up minutes without a veteran next to him?
      Is Trusty ready to move up?
      Is Elliot durable? (kids a beanpole, he needs to pack on some muscle or get bossed by the CJ Sapongs in the world.)
      There is a lot of If coming off our backline and I can see how they would want some certainty and stability back there.

      I’m not endorsing this btw I’m just saying there is logic behind this and it’s not Rais M’bohli stupid.

    • Has Yaro actually proven that he is a decent CB??? What are we, 2 years into his career? Sorry, but I haven’t seen it. A couple of flashes of great, more flashes of poor, lots of injuries. I think the future CB of this team is Trusty. I like what Elliott showed last year as well. I think you will see Yaro and/or Marquez dealt at the draft… I just don’t think spending big DP$ on a CB is a recipe for success under the MLS model.

      • I honestly think Yaro has all the tools but he hasn’t been on the field long enough to develop.

      • Yes he has proven that he can contend in this league. Re-read my post about Yaro. Yes, I agree that you have to be prepared if someone is injury prone but i want more players on this team who play like Europeans and not like the typical MLS player. His intelligence on the ball, passing and disrupting forwards and or his one on one play is fantastic. I don’t mean to be rude but, if one does not see this then they should really study and analyze the European Game. Also , Sieve you’re correct about Yaro not seeing the field enough. Curtin does this with a lot of his players with promise. It’s one reason I’m not thrilled that he is back running this team.

      • Awareness – 3 ejections in 19 starts (tied for the all time Union lead with Shaenon … in 138 starts)

        Distrbution/Vision – 0 assists and 0 goals

        Team performance in his starts 4 wins, 7 ties, 8 losses

        But you’re right. I need to watch the game for more understanding. I’m wondering who in EPL or some other major league has been ejected in almost 16% of their starts and continues to get loads of playing time. I need to see how they affect the game for their team….

  4. el Pachyderm says:

    Quite a few others vying for this Polish player. We’ll see if clout can pul him to Philadelphia.
    By the things I’ve read, its an absolute no brainer if they can get him.
    Jach and Elliot has frighteningly good young potential.
    Not sure what it all means for Trusty though.

    • Trusty as Leftback?

      I recall Curtain discussing the Spurs/Poch last year. They morph between 3-4-3 and 4-2-3-1 with a defensive minded coach.

      Having a left-footed CB who can pass will open things up for the team. If they still follow through and get difference makers at 10 and Winger as promised then super exited.

      Its the winter, so glass half full.

  5. Thinking about Jach has me pondering this team’s record with young players, that suggests Elliott’s breakout year will likely land him on a bench for most of the next season. Epps as well and Najem and Jones? Who reightly knows? Every player this team has debuted in the Curtin era has played a crazy number of minutes as a rookie only to suffer a mysterious regression of form the following season. Rosenberry and Yaro were top draft picks and Rosenberry earned himself an all-star appearance and a USMNT call-up. What happened? Man is it hard to remain even reasonably optimistic.

  6. Even if Gooch had asked 250k for next season, I have a hard time thinking that we shouldn’t have just kept him instead of paying $1.2mil – it’s just not worth spending that amount on a CB in MLS.
    When you add all of the other priorities that are on our list it really doesn’t make much sense. Put those $$ into offense!!

  7. So Jay is going to pay a transfer fee on 1 player that is more than every transfer combined in the clubs history? Bwahahahaha

    • Zizouisgod says:

      Agreed, this leak happened purely to show to the fanbase how serious the club is in trying to sign players. They know they have no shot at getting this guy if that many clubs are looking at him. So why not use it to their advantage and get the fans back in their corner.

      • Another slap in face to me, if that’s the case.

        They wanna show me how serious they are… spend money(not TAM)!

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        The leak originates in Poland, according to the Brotherly Game’s story.
        It may be purposed by an agent to drive up the price paid by the European intended destination..
        Judging by the spelling conventions of his agent’s name, and the list of his players and their transfermarkt valuations, the agent the agent is Polish and Jach is his most valuable asset.

      • Zizouisgod says:

        OSC – you’re likely right as the source of the link as that is common practice by an agent. However, if you’re the Union, you likely know from the agent and other sources of how many/what teams are pursuing this player. Because of this, you also know that your probability is very low in signing this player, but is very high in having this kind of leak occur, yet they remain in the mix.

        It’s all speculative thought by me, but I’m sure the FO is not disappointed in this leak occurring.

  8. Union need a minimum of another ” Barnetta “and a compliment to Sapong to make and compete in the playoffs. If not expect
    Mediocrity again.

    Union proposed move for the Polish centerback makes no sense for a team that had no quality player at cam.

    There has to be a similar player to Barnetta out there who would come to Philly even if it was just for 2 years as Barnetta did. The Union have the money and need to get there priorities straight.

    Please Ernie don’t blow the season again . You have some money now get what the team needs today….. don’t waste 3 million on a centerback.

    Ernie has to make a move for a quality cam by mid- late January or they are screwed.

    If they somehow do this and get a good complimentary player for Sapong they have a glimmer of hope to improving the team and making the playoffs.

    The other teams in the league are moving 2 steps forward in acquiring quality players while the Union continues to limp along.

    Don’t blow it Ernie !

  9. Msg, where are you getting 0 for distribution/vision???? It’s one of Yaro’s strongest attributes. 0 goals and assists???? He’s a CB !! This is what I mean, you’re not looking in close detail at the player with how he plays as a center back. He doesn’t need goals or assists to be a great center back.

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