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News roundup: MLS announces opening matches, expansion side

Photo by Rob Simmons

Philadelphia Union

In a rather large change from last year’s television deal, the Union will broadcast all non-nationally televised games on 6abc or their affiliate station PHL17.

Their first game of the season will be March 3, at home against New England.

Haris Medunjanin ranked tenth in SoccerAmerica’s top central midfielders list.

Andre Blake came in third for CONCACAF men’s player of the year.


MLS is set to make an announcement in Tennessee today, expected by most to be the announcement of Nashville as the new expansion side.

Kyle Larin is rumored to be heading to Besiktas.

LA Galaxy have signed Venezuelan international defender Rolf Fletscher.

Around the globe

A former USWNT stare fares well at Arsenal.

After learning of Barcelona’s approaching Antoine Griezmann, Atletico Madrid have put a complaint in to FIFA.

No four cups for Premier League powerhouse Manchester City, says manager Pep Guardiola.



  1. el Pachyderm says:

    To continue with the thought from yesterday, and passive aggressive folk, no names please…
    ….while I watch ManCity U12 play BVB U12 a mere three hour flight south— that our U12 academy is not at —while YSC is on winter break and coaches are abroad or others are off skiing and or sunning…. regaling.
    There is a similar international tourney upcoming in Los Angeles March 2018 with some of the great clubs from around the world at U12 – U19 age groups I believe and strange how I don’t see Union listed in this one either. Wonder why that is.
    Such a revered academy setting here in Philadelphia allocating nearly the most financial resources in all of MLS yet the boys aren’t showcasing and or gaining unbelievable experience playing against the best in the world…
    Phew, so glad we can beat up on NYRB though.
    This is me, asking the hard questions.
    Call it…. reporting.

    • Perhaps the Union don’t want any of those rich clubs to poach their best players and that’s why they aren’t playing in that youth tournament?

      • HA. I needed a laugh.

      • FWIW – I’m not saying that I agree with that line of thinking.

      • Oh I didn’t think you were. Who would? If they really are that scared they shouldn’t be in the business. Even excluding that possibility, I’m not sure they should be in the business anyhow.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        Funny you should say …….since the announcers in Chivas v Club America game I’m watching, just said, ” how much of an unbelievable experience this is for these boys because there are scouts in Florida from ALL OVER THE WORLD looking at these players.”
        And yes, I absolutely think the lack of incentive for Philadelphia Union in a possible player sale factors in to the equation, matter of fact, I’d argue it is THE issue.
        ….the parity of MLS is so much better though…. the policy of US Soccer crippling its youth and teams from actually competing in a world market.

      • If the Union are really trying to become the place to train the youth in America, then this would be going about it in the wrong way. Would it not? Say they went and they had a player or a few get cherry picked without proper compensation. Would that not still be promoting their academy, or “the Union Way”? A proper spin artist would be able to sell that as “Look how good we develop youth. Real Madrid just took so and so. And x player went to Everton.” etc. etc…
        If this is true, it just reeks of being scared. It’s a very dispiriting thought.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        I agree tenfold.
        It is an excellent outcome, no, to play NYRB and get beat on a regular basis but have two of your players with family that have uprooted themselves to play at Pachuca or Roma.
        Hell, one could even argue, turning down those types of offers even provides a marketing angle.
        “Johnny John John, who turned down a chance at City, to stay local for his academy team in Philadelphia.”
        Who knows.

      • I love how my speculative comment about the Union’s potential perspective on this tournament is now being opined on like it’s the official position of the club.

  2. So the Union make a TV move to get broader exposure. Seems like a good thing. But only if the onfield product becomes worth watching. A season like the last infront of a larger TV audience might sink this franchise for a while.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      responded to yesterday case you’re curious. At this point it’s only a two person -maybe even a one person- conversation or talking point.
      Important stufff too. Really important.
      Beat reporters wont ask hard questions (to be honest I’m fairly certain they don’t even know the hard questions to ask) for threat of retribution, precedent set already in MLS. Speak out and potentially lose your access.
      Meanswhile things just go on. Happy like…
      “Cause hey baby… we resigned Ilsinho Fabinho and Herbers”
      Twitter Union unfollowed Steve H a frequent poster here for asking hard questions. How many know that?

      • Thanks. I missed the reply. This shouldn’t even really be a hard question. It’s a pretty straight forward query. It should be a question Tannenwald would ask. OR DeGeorge — the only two writers who actually work for publications that I can think of. I doubt we’d get much of a useful answer. But the question plus a follow up or two is worth asking.

      • El P just wanted to say nice job on the digging and pointed questions. I think you’re right for asking them. I just don’t have much to add. But it is appreciated.

  3. el Pachyderm says:

    You all do know that right?
    Steve H was unfollowed on UnionTwitter for asking hard questions. A STH from the beginning, lover of the Union, unfollowed for his passion and concern and legitimacy in questioning the leadership and direction of the team. Unfollowed not Unblocked but Unfollowed cause he was hurting ‘their’ feelings.
    Hey though, it’s okay, Columbus is staying put and your steadfast faithfulness ‘matters to MLS.’ so long as you get excited about the new logo color and cornflower blue shirt.

    • Didn’t they immediately refollow Steve H. after he tweeted about it?

    • I really don’t think UnionTwitter should be following anybody really. But, since they have I do agree it’s quite petty. But are you really surprised by this? They claim to respect/care about the fans. Yet they do so many things that indicate they really don’t. Just par for the course. Having any sort of expectations for the Union is just folly. They will only let you down.

    • They dropped me too, though my criticisms have been decidedly more strident in tone for a while.

    • I made it into their “Jawn of the Week” last year for expressing empathy for the poor social media employee/intern. Kid tried to troll me but looked like an idiot. And I say that as someone that loves a good trolling.


      The entire interaction made me happy I gave up being a STH. The team is a tire fire – from ownership to SOB to social media.

    • Yea well Timmy the social media intern probably got tired of hearing the same shit everyday over things he has absolutely no control over.
      Can’t blame him really.

  4. In years past at this point – with no moves made, no real rumors at all and basically silence from the front office (which is now the norm, not an anomaly) – I would have said “it’s ok, turn-arounds in MLS are not as difficult as other sports, and they’ll come through with something in the transfer window.” Now, they have lost that benefit of the doubt from me. I NEED to see a playmaker and left back come to the squad, I NEED to see depth added at other positions added, even through the academy, and I NEED to see that the front office cares and understands that last year was not a good year, and the “playoff” year in 2016 was a fluke – they backed their way in and fizzled out miserably. Get it done E.S.

  5. I never understood the silence regarding player acquisition from the Union in the offseason. It builds chatter, excitement and, dare I say, willingness to tune into what the club is intending to do…

    Heaven forbid we ever talk about them in the winter.

  6. Off topic, but I just watched the last half of the Bristol City / United EFL match. What a magical finish. Go watch it if you can on ESPN 3. When the fans invade the pitch and rush Korey Smith just after he scored the game winner is just the most wonderful thing you’ll see. He so gracefully accepts hugs and selfies. Men kiss his head.

    • Just watched. Fantastic! Thanks for pointing it out.

    • You made me watch it. Awesome. When the ball boy jumps into the managers arms, just amazing.

      • That was super. What a great moment. Guardian story has a fantastic photo of it. And what a stone cold ass Mourinho is. Prattling on and on about Bristol City being lucky. They played their asses off. A true example of a team genuinely wanting it more.

      • Mourinho has lost the plot. I think someone needs to check his medication, or lack thereof.

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