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News roundup: Sapong, Bedoya to USMNT, Brad Friedel to New England, Pirlo retires

Photo by Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union

C.J. Sapong and Alejandro Bedoya have been called up to the USMNT roster for their friendly against Portugal. Warren Creavalle was also called up to Guyana’s squad.


In addition to making roster moves, Bethlehem Steel announced a tournament they are hosting in 2018.


MLS is making a change… for the better?

New England is going to hire Brad Friedel as their new head coach.

It looks like Clint Dempsey will be back with Seattle next season.

After an ankle injury and a ground-breaking career as the first openly gay player in U.S. Sports, Robbie Rogers has retired.


The rest of the USMNT’s roster was announced. No Pulisic, but still full of young players.

Kyle Martino and Paul Caligiuri joined the growing list of candidates running for President of U.S. Soccer.

Jonathan Tannenwald sat down with another from that list, Michael Winograd.

Around the globe

L’Architetto, Andrea Pirlo announced his retirement from soccer, leaving behind him a legacy as one of the most creative players in the game.

Bayern Munich is considering a move for Christian Pulisic.

Anthony Precourt isn’t the only owner with less-than-ideal scruples.

Interesting feature on a manager who does a whole lot with a little, but isn’t given many opportunities at a higher level. Hm…

David Moyes will be West Ham’s new manager.


  1. Just finished Bobby Warshaw’s book. Get it and read it: fascinating story!

  2. Even though he’s a bit older than most of the players, it was nice to see CJ get a reward for being the leading American scorer this season. I also expect to see Ale as captain next Tuesday (or at least read about it since I doubt I’ll bother to watch the game).

  3. Any chance the Union pick up Villarreal as a 10? Either Back-up or starter with a DP Winger?

  4. So Elliot did not win Rookie of the Year. He came in a solid 3rd place in all voting except for ‘Players Vote’ (5th).
    Not too surprised as defenders rarely top out on these kinds of awards, but bummed for Jack who had a great year (and will be sitting the bench next year if all goes according to Jim’s plans).

  5. richie the limey says:

    I thought Pirlo retired last year.


  6. OneManWolfpack says:

    So what do we make of all these characters running for US Soccer President? Will they cancel each other out? Should they consolidate behind one guy? How scared is MLS that a real reformer candidate might win? Just some questions, I don’t have answers for…

  7. To all of this hand wringing about lost opportunities for English managers, I say send them here. I’ll take one at our club. (Hell, I’ll take Craig Shakespeare.) Any league that has Vieira, Tata and now Remi Garde can’t be so bad, right? If the PL just wants to recycle Allardyce, Pulis, Moyes and Hodgson until the end of days, let’s import some young English managers.

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